Is Chipotle Really Giving Away A Tesla?

For one weekend, Chipotle was offering the unthinkable — the chance to win a standard 2021 Tesla Model 3. As detailed in a press release shared on the burrito chain's official website, the promotion lasted from June 23 through June 25, with its main purpose to help promote the introduction of the Chipotle Rewards Exchange, an expansion to the brand's pre-existing Rewards Program that first launched in 2019. 

During the competition, fans could play the specifically designed Race to Rewards video game by either signing into or creating a Chipotle Rewards account. The game — in classic lo-fi style — lets you pilot an electric skateboard, an electric scooter, or an electric car, and tasks participants to go as far as they can in the driving course without touching any of the obstacles in the way. There were 10 points rewarded for each second they completed, and the first 500,000 players that managed to get past two caricature Chipotle restaurants in the game also received 250 points in their Rewards account (good for a free bag of chips).

As you might have guessed, the one person with the highest score is set to win the Tesla from Chipotle – though we are still waiting to see who that lucky person is. Players that managed to reach the second, third, and fourth places on the leaderboard are also going to be rewarded with an electric scooter while the rest of the top 10 are being given an electric skateboard (to mirror the game).

Chipotle's new challenge inspired people to join a revamped Rewards Program

"The new Chipotle Race to Rewards Exchange video game is a fun way to demonstrate the speed at which our loyalty members can now earn rewards," Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, explained in a press release, highlighting the impetus behind the creation of the game and grand giveaway. While awarding someone with a brand-new Tesla would draw headlines (and it did), the genius idea also expands the list of people that have now probably signed up for Chipotle's newly-vamped rewards program.

The difference between the new Rewards Exchange and the previous program is that the old iteration only was for free entrees. Now, there are fifteen different options to spend your rewards points on, including free guac or donating rewards to help further the mission of Chipotle's non-profit partners.

Even though the contest has ended, you can still sign up for a rewards membership and play the Race to Rewards game — if you pass two Chipotle locations, you'll still be able to receive the 250 points. Game on!