Why Andrew Zimmern Is So Emotional About 2021's Disc Golf Championship

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern is a disc golf enthusiast who has often expressed his love for the sport. The chef spoke at length with Ultiworld Disc Golf about his passion and said that his story began in the 1990s when he had hit a low point, battling addiction and homelessness. He said, "I wound up being rescued by some friends and being given a one-way plane ticket to Minnesota, where I went to Hazelden, which is a treatment center."

He said that those who were working with him wanted him to look for new hobbies to distract himself, to find healthy coping mechanisms. This is how Andrew Zimmern ended up experimenting with disc golf. He tried his hand at snowboarding first but realized he wasn't great at it. A friend later suggested disc golfing and Zimmern decided to give it a shot. It took him many years to take the sport seriously. He said, "I probably played 10 times a year for the first 15, 18, 20 years. I was busy with work, I was busy with family, I was busy with lots of things."

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

He feels strongly about disc golf

Andrew Zimmern told Ultiworld Disc Golf in 2016 that he started taking disc golfing seriously a few years ago after he discovered that some of his mates love playing the sport as well. This inspired him to play more frequently. He finds the sport very peaceful. He explained, "I am most at peace in my own head walking the course ... It's ... yoga for me." He said that disc golfing basically helps him get away from stressors and focus on the moment. It also a plus that he gets to spend some time outdoors.

Considering his attachment to disc golf, it makes sense that Zimmern was extremely excited when he discovered that professional disc golf player James Conrad made history a few days ago by getting away with an unbelievable shot during the World Championships (via Deadspin.) Zimmern loved how his friends texted him excitedly about Conrad's feat. The chef wrote on Instagram, "This is the turning point in professional disc sports. For those of us active for decades, we have known this was coming. We are a real sport, with amazing fans, incredible tour series, from locals all the way up to these World Championships."