TikTok's Bizarre New Snack Trend Combines Snickers Bars And Pickles

After mastering pasta chips and a variety of other food hacks, TikTok is taking on the almighty pickle in a sweet and savory offering. According to various postings, the hottest new snack trend is combining Snicker bars and pickles into one big bite. Beyond Snickers always satisfying that hangry feeling, some people are using it as a pickle stuffing. While the combination of salty and sweet is a classic flavor pairing, this new "food sandwich" might have more people wondering if this idea started with a food dare? But, after that first bite, it could have people longing for another taste.

TikTok user @williamcraft09 dove into this food trend in an episode of "Yummy or Yucky." Since this user had a little difficulty in crafting this particular snack, the Snickers bar stuffed pickle earned a 5 out of 10 on the yucky or yummy scale. This ranking had more to do with the construction versus the taste. Although many TikTok users have coined this snack the "snickle," the idea might be more of a food dare than an actual craving (via TikTok). Even though many people love those Kool-Aid pickles or a variety of other pickle-flavored foods, this offering might be a little too much to swallow.

How do you make a snickle?

In the latest TikTok food to have people buzzing, the snickle, or Snickers bar stuffed pickle, might take the salty-sweet flavor combination to the extreme. While people are debating the craveability of this food, mastering how to make one is key to determining its enjoyment. Taste of Home simplified the method of making a snickle.

According to the suggestions, the first step is to find the right pickle. Although flavor was not a discussion, size is important. A bigger pickle is preferred since a Snickers bar needs to be stuffed inside. After splitting the pickle in half, the insides are hollowed out. Next, the Snickers bar is placed inside, the halves are closed, and the snickle is ready for eating enjoyment.

Although this method seems easy enough, the key might be the pickle to Snickers ratio. If the pickle isn't big enough, it seems that the candy bar could be cut down. While the snickle might have some food lovers snickering, it is another example that TikTok is never afraid of pushing the flavor envelope.