TikTok Is Obsessed With This Viral Pasta Chip Recipe

If there is one thing that the internet does well, it's ensuring that home chefs have plenty of inspiring content to rely on. Whether it's a pasta hack or a trick to ensure that you can perfect your rice cooker recipes easily, social media platforms have most definitely made life easier for many people in the kitchen.

This time around, enthusiasts are rooting for a delicious snack: pasta chips. That's right — making pasta noodles into crispy chips you can munch on. We are salivating just thinking about it.

As seen on this now viral TikTok video, making pasta chips at home can be a quick, easy-to-eat snack that kids and adults will enjoy. And all you really need to pull this off is an air fryer. As pointed out by Pop Sugar, which calls it "the easy air fryer recipe of our dreams," it's really easy to get this one right. All you have to do is boil pasta as usual and add the seasoning of your choice coupled with olive oil and plenty of cheese before popping the ingredients into an air fryer.

Even better, you only need around 10 minutes to let it crisp up. A useful tip: 400 degrees Fahrenheit should work well for this recipe. And of course, don't forgot to prep a tasty dip with your snack like marinara sauce or pesto. Doing so could make it the snack that will impress guests at a dinner party as this one's likely to become a crowd favorite rather quickly.  

The viral TikTok pasta chips are crunchy ... but not 'raw pasta' crunchy

Some commenters on the viral TikTok video showing how to make pasta chips were a little worried. (They might have remembered when another TikToker, Louis Levanti, received 1.1 million views on his pasta chip hack video, where you see him crunch into the finished product and made some people wonder if eating a pasta chip would be like the experience of biting into uncooked pasta.)

"Am I gonna be cracking a tooth or not?" one follower asked. Another commenter jokingly summarized the steps to this hack: "Make crunchy pasta soft, then make crunchy again ... got it."

Some followers were simply getting air fryer envy. One sounded like they were whining as they typed, "I don't have airfryerrr." The original poster suggested turning on the convection setting on your regular oven, which basically makes it one big air fryer.

Other TikTok users from Louisiana pointed out that this cooking hack is really nothing new. "My fav restaurant in Baton Rouge has been using these as 'chips' for spinach and artichoke dip for years," said one commenter. Others also mentioned that pasta chips are definitely a Louisiana thing — which makes us grateful news has spread to the other 49 states.

There's also another genius pasta video courtesy of TikTok

Of course, this is not the first time savvy social media influencers have given us a pasta recipe that has stayed with us, glorifying the many uses of this prized carbohydrate. In February, another viral video started making the rounds on TikTok that showed how to make a genius dish of baked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes.

As noted by Real Simple, if you saw a shortage of feta around this time, it's probably because everyone was making this dish to cozy up with in the winter months. The recipe works like a charm because it calls for very few ingredients: feta cheese, pasta, herbs, and tomatoes

The woman behind this viral hack, Yumna Jawad, said that it was a recipe that could be made easily at home but looks like it's from a gourmet restaurant. It comes together in carefully prepared layers with the tomatoes on the bottom, a block of feta cheese in the middle (that's then baked), and the pasta on top. As Jawad explained, "The dish is pretty much hands-off, and all the magic happens in the oven."