Andrew Zimmern's Extreme New 'Stache Is Turning Heads

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As one of the Travel Channel's most interesting food shows, "Bizarre Foods" has its fans talking about more than how cows brains and coconut tree grubs taste. The show's famous host Andrew Zimmern, food critic, producer, and all around happy guy, has just changed up his look in a big way.

The author of "Andrew Zimmern's Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods: An Intrepid Eater's Digest" has recently posted a close-up selfie on Instagram showing off his new mustache, which is a drastic change compared to his usual facial hair look. Zimmern captioned the post: "Shaving last week for work this week. I am liking this look with the deputy dawg mustache....maybe get some rubber bands and go all in on the Capt Lou Albano look?"

Both celebrity chefs and fans immediately began commenting on the new look and the post already has more than 625 comments (as of this writing), some funny and mostly complimentary, and some not so nice, but all do seem to be in good fun.

Celebrities and fans comment on the new look

With close to one million followers, Andrew Zimmern's bold new look was bound to go fully noticed, as expected, and some of the comments sparked entertaining conversation from a few of your favorite celebrities. Chef Joe Sasto posted, "Looks like you might even be able to get some curls there," and Telemundo reporter Ana Navarro-Cárdenas jested with laughing emojis, "You need an intervention."

Fans got in on the action, too, with comments like "Sons of Anarchy look?" and "You gonna be in Wrestlemania 38?" Interestingly, in a 2019 tweet, the award-winning chef posted a photo of himself with WWE Legend Hulk Hogan, captioned, "Actually I grew the mustache to impress @hulkhogan ... it worked. Right after this I tore my shirt off..." The small mustache at the time, which resembled one more like Charlie Chaplin's 'stache, was a far cry to the one he wears now, which looks to be a true tribute to one of his heroes, the Hulkster.