Magnolia Networks' Bryan Ford And Zoë François Reveal The One Tool Every Baker Needs

Anyone who loves to cook has, at some point, also tried to bake something. Maybe you were a natural at it, but sometimes, when you're starting out, what was supposed to puff doesn't puff, and what was supposed to have a fluffy, airy center ended up doughy and soggy. Unlike cooking, baking is about following the rules. And if you don't follow the rules to a T, your baked good might end up looking and tasting like the baking equivalent of a toddler's self-portrait. In other words, baking takes time, patience, and a whole lot of by-the-book instructions. Luckily, there are two expert bakers out there sharing their breadth of knowledge. So all you novice bakers should start taking notes.

At a recent Magnolia Network presser, which Mashed was present at, bread baker Bryan Ford and expert pastry chef Zoë François revealed the most important tool that they think every baker needs (that is, aside from an oven). Ford, the author of "New World Sourdough," and François, who's written multiple books on the art of baking, will both host upcoming shows on Magnolia Network. They agreed that when it comes to baking, there's one thing everyone needs: a scale.

Baking is all about precision

That's right. Baking is about precision. It's about exact measurements and perfect timing. Without a scale, you're basically playing a guessing game. With cooking, guessing games are kind of fun. You can mess around with ingredients, temperatures, and cooking styles, and you'll probably end up inventing some cool new version of a recipe. But when it comes to baking, this is not the case.

"It's really important to use a scale to measure your ingredients because it makes it very simple," Bryan Ford admitted during the Magnolia Network press event. "It's more precise. You get more consistent baking," Zoë François agreed. "There's just ... the pros are endless."

With baking, we suggest you listen to the experts before attempting to go off on your own into the great, doughy unknown. Kitchen scales are affordable and, because they're flat, pretty easy to store. So if you're thinking of starting a baking journey of your own, buy a scale and start measuring. You'll save yourself time, energy, and a lot of failed baked goods.