The Big Problem Fans Have With The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars Finale

Fans of "The Great Food Truck Race" have taken to social media to call for major changes to the show after what they say was a disappointing end to the "All-Stars" season that concluded on July 11.

In the season finale episode, competitors The Lime Truck beat Seoul Sausage, raking in about $600 more in sales, even though Seoul Sausage had an $800 advantage in their bank after winning two earlier challenges (via Foodsided). But fans — and even someone who says they filmed parts of the show — are claiming The Lime Truck cheated, or at least took advantage of a major loophole. One that allows food trucks to set their menu prices with no apparent limit.

This part left viewers confused as they couldn't always tell what was going on with participants' prices. One Reddit poster noted that prices were hardly ever mentioned on "The Great Food Truck Race." However, Yong Kim, one of the three owners of Seoul Sausage, mentioned on Instagram that The Lime Truck charged more than $200 for a sampler platter. In fact, in its review of the finale, Foodsided credited The Lime Truck's win to its strategy of selling this expensive "Taste of the Truck" sampler offering a bit of everything on the menu. 

And the website also wondered if future competitors on TGFTR would copy this tactic. Though, a lot of fans hoped it would be banned going forward.

Even someone from the show criticized the 'Great Food Truck Race' outcome

The Lime Truck has had its defenders, but social media has been overwhelming critical about the finale of "The Great Food Truck Race: All-Stars," which is hosted by Tyler Florence. Price gouging wasn't just a poor strategy, one person said on Twitter, it also makes for bad TV. "@TylerFlorence should know the show gets boring when food trucks jack up prices to win the competitions," they wrote. "Makes me not want to watch anymore. They need to put pricing limits into the show for the common people."

This sentiment was repeated on Reddit. "They never did anything about Lime's outrageous price gouging," one person commented. "That's going to need to be a new rule next season. Price capping so there's a fair advantage for everyone."

It's one thing to hear negative comments from viewers. And it brings it to a whole other level to hear the same feedback from someone that actually worked on the show. An Instagram user by the name of @lenscrack jumped on a post by Yong Kim of Seoul Sausage to call The Lime Truck crew "a bunch of cheating, no-talent a** clowns" and the person also added they "just happened to be shooting that TV show on their truck the last two episodes."

Tyler Florence has said nothing so far about the controversy on either Twitter or Instagram — even though someone commented on Florence's Instagram post hyping the finale: "Not your best work Tyler. Allowing outrageous prices during a pandemic."