Andrew Zimmern's Emotional Post About His Pug Will Break Your Heart

Andrew Zimmern had a special place in his heart for his pug. He entertained his fans on social media by posting updates about Pretzel. In 2015, one of his hilarious Instagram posts read, "My old blind pug has been licking my head obsessively for over 2 minutes without stopping. This happens almost every night." Another photo showed a close-up of Pretzel and the chef affectionately captioned it, "The amazing Pretzel Zimmern in all his glory."

Sadly, Zimmern lost Pretzel in 2020. As per Today, Zimmern said that he was blown away by Pretzel's attitude and resilience despite facing numerous challenges in his life. "Pretzel had a very tough life with many physical complications, but his selflessness was total and resolute," he explained. For example, the pug always looked after their home, gave company to family members when they were unwell, and didn't let the fact that he was blind stop him from "investigating his surroundings fearlessly."

Andrew Zimmern misses his pet

Andrew Zimmern shared a touching Instagram post in July last year when he lost Pretzel. He wrote that he was grateful to his fans for showering his pug with so much love and sending pug-themed gifts. He wrote that Pretzel was truly loved by everyone and somehow managed to inspire those around him even in his final days, pushing them to be more empathetic and compassionate.

A year after Pretzel's passing, Zimmern shared another moving tribute, remembering his furry companion. His words were full of love. "One year ago today. This was moments before the bravest dog with the biggest heart went out on his shield like a Viking warrior. Pretzel was the best, and an inspiration to everyone who knew him," Zimmern wrote. His fans sent words of support, sharing stories of their own pets. "Losing a pet is so incredibly hard. Sending you lots of love today," a commentator wrote.