Burger King Malaysia's Chocolaty New Burgers Are Turning Heads

We'll be the first to admit that we love anything covered in chocolate. Who doesn't? We also, of course, love our fast food. But combining the two? Isn't that, like, food ethics blasphemy?

Not for Burger King Malaysia, at least, who recently debuted its Chocolate Melt sandwiches. Yes, you heard that right. Burger King Malaysia customers can now order a Chocolate Melt Beefacon (flame-grilled beef patty burger) or the Chocolate Melt Chick'N Crisp (crispy chicken patty sandwich), both topped with your standard fast-food toppings like cheese, bacon, mayo, and you know, chocolate sauce. The usual.

Sure, there are plenty of foods, snacks, and desserts that intertwine savory and sweet — chocolate-covered pretzels, salted caramel ice cream, chicken and waffles, etc. We are advocates for the delicate balance of salty and sweet. But generously drizzling chocolate sauce over your Whopper? It's a totally innovative concept that certainly has people furrowing their brows.

Burger King Malaysia sets the salty-sweet stage for other fast-food companies

Brand Eating notes that, even if the Chocolate Melt menu items are a total hit, they'll only be available for a limited time. After all, it certainly wouldn't be the first time a fast-food giant brought back limited-time menu items due to popular demand (let us never forget Burger King's chicken fries of the past).

But before we even think about the future of the Chocolate Melt sandwiches, we'll need to see how they stack up in "the now." Could this be the new Chick-fil-A vs. Popeye's debate? A new fast-food civil war that's on the brink of erupting between supporters and opponents? World of Buzz seems to think most folks will be in favor of the sweet-savory combo.

If adding chocolate sauce to a bacon burger wasn't enough to shake up the world of fast food, Burger King Malaysia is also debuting its new Tricolor Fries which, we'll admit, look tasty as heck. But seriously, is there no stopping Burger King Malaysia in its quest for innovative fast food? As long as we get to try whatever it is they're cooking up, count us in for the long haul.