Ali Khan Just Shared This Cute Spring Baking Championship Reunion Photo

Celebrity chef Ali Khan is sadly no relation to Aly Khan, the mid-century playboy prince who was once married to Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth, but he's carved out quite the TV career for himself on "Cheap Eats," "Best Thing I Ever Ate," and "Spring Baking Championship." It would seem that Khan is evidently nostalgic for this last-named show now that summer's here, as he recently went on Twitter and posted a cute photo of himself posing with several other SBC alums. He captioned it "When you're [sic] family BFs happen to be Spring Baking Champs #SpringBakingChampionship."

Aww, that's pretty sweet, apart from that glaring grammatical error that we only hope is a typo. (Ali, please tell us you know the difference between "your" and "you're!") Surprisingly, this tweet hasn't really moved the needle much among Khan's thousands of followers. As of this writing, it's got a handful of likes, but only a single RT as well as just one lonely comment from someone who said "Now THAT is a great shot jefe!!!! Felicidades!"

The food in that shot was the real eye candy (err, cake)

While it's nice to see Khan back together with his SBC "family," what really draws the foodie's eye in his photo is, of course, the stunningly beautiful baked goods on the table. That caramel-soaked flan, and that gorgeous whipped cream (or is that buttercream?) border on the caramel criss-crossed cake ... Doesn't that just get your sweet tooth aching for a bite? 

If you feel you're about to overload on sugar just from looking, though, you can always scroll through Khan's Twitter posts from the last week where he shares meatier fare: literally meatier, as he's grilling carne asada and chorizo. There's also prosciutto-topped pan de tomate, a selection of tapas and a sherry flight from a recent restaurant visit, several jars of homemade salsas, and last week's "Friday Forkful," a ceviche-type dish called octopus aguachile. Need a beverage to pair with this visual bounty? Quench your thirsty eyes by gazing at Khan's blood orange margarita.

Wouldn't you just love to get an invite to Khan's house for dinner? Well, failing that, at least we can virtually feast on his Twitter feed. All his gorgeous food pics provide plenty of nourishment for our eyes and our imaginations even if our bellies remain empty.