What Jennifer Lopez's Daily Diet Is Really Like

Good news for anyone who is interested in emulating Jennifer Lopez's daily dietary regimen! Turns out, everything the undeniable goddess and powerhouse does to eat healthily and stay fit is totally accessible for the average Jenny from the block. After launching her own skincare line this past January called JLo Beauty, the 51-year-old triple threat recently told Apple Music that she's "never been better" (via CNN).

But what fuels a superhuman like Lopez? Can we safely assume she is some kind of cyborg, who requires nothing more than an outlet to charge her glowing skin, dazzling smile, and incredible physique each night? Is there titanium alloy and wiring underneath that perfect bone structure, requiring the work of an elite team of engineers to maintain? Sadly, no. According to Us Weekly, Lopez chalks up her supernatural beauty and fitness to natural ingredients, water, and a workout routine even robots envy. So what goes into her daily diet?

Protein, veggies, water, and workouts are the keys to JLo's daily diet

Lopez's trainer Dodd Romero gave Us Weekly the rundown, confirming that Lopez starts her day by skipping coffee and drinking lemon-infused water. Lopez herself admitted to Us Weekly that she hasn't had "caffeine in years." A bowl of complex carbs is typically on the menu for breakfast. Lopez prefers oatmeal with fresh berries or a healthy smoothie. Lunch is a veggie affair, balanced with enough protein to fuel her intense exercise routines. According to Good Housekeeping, a salmon salad with broccoli and peppers usually does the job for her midday meal. But Lopez also enjoys the superfood kale, combined with cheese, shallots, pumpkin seeds, and dressed with lemon juice and olive oil (via People). Romero told Us Weekly that the "World of Dance" judge opts for lean proteins for lunch, including chicken breasts, grass-fed beef, egg whites, and white turkey meat. 

Dinners in the Lopez household adhere to the same strategy: pair a protein with a complex carb and vegetables. Lopez's go-to is grilled chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. When she dines out, she orders low-calorie options and, of course, water. On busy days, Lopez ensures healthy snacks, like fruit and nuts, are always nearby. Proof Lopez is more human than robot? According to Romero, the "Hustlers" star indulges in a chocolate chip cookie as her weekly treat.