McCormick's New Taco Relations Role Pays $100k. Here's What You'll Have To Do

Can you recognize the difference between tacos al pastor and birria tacos at 12 paces? Do you dream of making a run for the border every Taco Tuesday, or at least one of those other seven days? Do you routinely get into arguments with your friends about street tacos vs. tacos? Hard shells vs. soft? California tacos and, well, all other tacos? Do you take to Twitter to discuss whether or not shredded cheese is an authentic taco topping that belongs anywhere near your favorite taco filling? Then we have found the job for you, and yes, it will feel like it is raining tacos from out of the sky. 

McCormick, the maker of all things spice and everything nice, has announced its nationwide search for a Director of Taco Relations, and it comes with a serious pay day. Per the McCormick website, they will pay one very lucky individual up to $100,000 over four months to do some pretty tacoing — we mean taxing — work. What kind of skills do you need besides noshing on tacos and spewing your opinion? Per the company's press release, no previous taco job experience is required; however, only serious taco eaters who are 21 and over should read on.

What's required for McCormick's new role?

So, besides being a taco aficionado, you have to enjoy making a mess in the kitchen because the job posting notes that you get to work with the McCormick Kitchens team to "develop innovative and delish taco recipes," per the company. Check. You also have to be willing to get the inside scoop on the company's Street Taco seasoning mixes. However, that's not all you have to be willing to do. 

Additionally, you will be expected to break out your best Andrew Zimmern impersonation and travel across the country, or at the very least the internet, in search of "the latest taco trends" which is way better than eating dung beetles. And social media savvy is a must, as the Director of Taco Relations should be able to "dialogue" with other "like-minded taco connoisseurs." As you can see, this job is a little more intimidating than just getting your taco fiesta on. And it gets worse. You will also have to commit to working 20 hours a week from September to December. We know what you're thinking: When does a person get to sleep?

Applications are due by July 20th, so put that taco down and get busy.