Here's How Giada De Laurentiis Resists Her Sweet Tooth

Giada De Laurentiis makes some incredible and deliciously sweet desserts. If you have ever sunk your teeth into her soft lemon ricotta cookies with lemon glaze or devoured a plate of her brownies, you know what we are talking about. And perhaps the celebrity chef is so good at making desserts because she has a bit of sweet tooth herself. De Laurentiis revealed to The Kitchn, "Those of you who know me know that I have a big sweet tooth — and chocolate is definitely my go-to. The more chocolate-y the better; that's why I always have a pint of Häagen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip in my freezer. It has the most intense chocolate flavor." So relatable, right?

Being part of the culinary world, desserts are a fact of life for a chef and De Laurentiis is constantly surrounded by temptation. Per TODAY, De Laurentiis revealed in her book, "Eat Better, Feel Better: My Recipes for Wellness and Healing, Inside and Out", that yummy, rich desserts quickly became a comforting go-to  over the years, especially when shooting her show. So, how does the Italian chef with California flare navigate and resist all those delicious goodies she makes when that sweet tooth siren starts singing her seductive song?

Out of sight, out of mind

WorldAtlas notes that the United States consumes more sugar than pretty much anywhere else on earth. In fact, we eat a whopping 126.4 grams of sugar, on average, each day. It takes a lot of superpowers to resist and De Laurentiis is only human. She, too, can fall prey to the same cakes, cookies, pies, and ice cream treats as the rest of us. However, over the years, she has figured out a way to satiate her sweet tooth without gorging on every yummy dessert in the house. As De Laurentiis told Parade, she has a couple of secret tricks to stave off those sugary cravings. She said, "I taste things. I won't have a whole cookie. I'll have a piece of a cookie." 

But what happens when you have young children in the house and you are constantly surrounded by their Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Little Debbie snack cakes? What do you do when temptation is constantly staring you in the face every time you stroll into the kitchen? De Laurentiis understands this challenge. Per Parade, the mother of one suggests putting all those yummy goodies in the freezer, stressing that it is a great place to store your treats if you are not a frequent visitor to this icy chamber.