The Pioneer Woman Knew This Dieting Method Wouldn't Work For Her

It's not uncommon for individuals trying to lose weight to turn to a company like Jenny Craig, the South Beach Diet, or some local alternative that does the time-consuming task of measuring out food and creating pre-packaged options for them. After all, virtually all the work is done for you, and since these types of meals come in their own packaging, there's no risk of overeating or going over your calorie count if you just stick to the meals you have purchased. However, when she decided to make a few lifestyle changes and get a bit healthier, Ree Drummond, more commonly known as The Pioneer Woman, knew that while they may work for many, turning to those kinds of specialty diet food companies wouldn't be the right choice for her (via The Pioneer Woman). 

As fans of Drummond's show and owners of her many cookbooks know, The Pioneer Woman knows her way around a kitchen, so she opted to eat what she dubbed "real food," aka the "food I eat in my household, the food I cook for my family." Given the tasty meals and treats she whips up in her farmhouse kitchen for every show, it's not surprising that her own fare might be a bit more appetizing than a packaged diet alternative! Though she made her own food, Drummond did not follow any particular ways of eating, such as the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting.

How Ree Drummond changed up her lifestyle habits

So, if she didn't follow any weight loss programs, if she didn't purchase packaged foods, and she didn't rely on any particular diet, like intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet, what exactly did Ree Drummond do to refresh her lifestyle habits? Simple! She went back to the basics. Drummond made sure to track her calories, and more importantly, though she didn't go for any packaged foods, she did make sure to weigh her food in grams so that she could accurately track her calories and what she was consuming (via The Pioneer Woman). She also made sure to incorporate plenty of movement into her days, although she didn't rely on a personal trainer. Instead, she just made a few swaps, such as heading out for an evening workout rather than working late, or taking her adorable pups for a walk around her slice of Oklahoma paradise. 

Drummond also added some strength training into the mix, and upped her overall protein consumption, both in the attempt to build a bit of extra muscle mass. As for what she decided to cut out in order to achieve her health goals, Drummond said farewell (at least for the time being) to all alcohol, and to excessive amounts of sugar. Her reasonable and replicable tips and tricks may just be what fans looking to make a few healthy changes in their lives might be looking for, too.