Lay's New Mashup Flavors Combine These Popular Products

There's just something uniquely satisfying about potato chips. The crispy, crunchy, salty, and savory snack just manages to satisfy just about every single part of the snack craving, making it the perfect snack for parties and picnics and just about everything in between. And with the wide variety of chip flavors on the market these days, you can't really get bored with chips when there is always something new to try.

And while Funyuns and Doritos are both a popular chip-like type of snack, their respective shapes, makeups, and textures are just different enough to set them apart from the classic potato chip. Or at least, that was the case until now. Per a press release shared with Mashed, the major snack company Lay's, which certainly knows its way around the potato chip, has just announced that it will be releasing two brand new chip flavors inspired by the iconic flavors of Doritos and Funyuns. The new flavor mashups will bring the bold flavors of these two snacks to a classic Lay's potato chip.

Lay's new 'Flavor Swaps' will bring the flavor of Doritos and Funyuns to classic potato chips

According to the press release sent to Mashed, the new "Flavor Swaps" mashups will be hitting grocery store shelves nationwide on the morning of July 27th. Lay's will be releasing two new mashups, one inspired by the flavor of bold, cheesy Doritos, and the other taking its onion-inspired new flavor from the fan-favorite Funyuns.

With their new Lays Doritos Cool Ranch, Lay's is asking its fans, "Ever wondered what Doritos Cool Ranch flavor would taste like on Lay's chips?" Soon, they won't have to wonder anymore. While snack aficionados might be used to licking the iconic orange cool ranch dust from their fingers after snacking on the classic triangle corn chip, they won't want to miss their chance to see for themselves how the Cool Ranch pairs with a potato chip. And while Funyuns are known for their distinctive ring shape, all that is about to change with the new Lay's Wavy Funyun flavor swap, which will bring their savory onion flavor to the standard rounded chip shape. 

These new Lay's offerings will be available for just $3.79 for a 7.5-ounce or 7.75-ounce bag and $1.99 for a smaller, 2.6-ounce bag. So if you're ready to get your snack on, you'll definitely want to grab these bold potato chip combinations while supplies last.