Pizza Hut's Retro Clothing Line Will Have '90s Fans Excited

It's no secret that '90s nostalgia is currently in full force, shown in everything from the return of low-rise jeans and bucket hats, to the food consumers are buying. In fact, '90s snacking mainstays like Dunkaroos, Bagel Bites, Trix Yogurt, and Uncrustables have made huge comebacks thanks to the recent fervor for all things pre-Y2K.

Now, Pizza Hut is trying to cash in on this nostalgia with a new line of clothing that is sure to delight fans of the restaurant franchise and fashionistas alike. In a press release, Pizza Hut revealed its "Pizza Hut Tastewear" collection filled with nostalgic garments inspired by the chain's iconic interior design choices.

With prints designed to rouse fond memories of Pizza Hut's checkered tablecloths, Tiffany-inspired lamps, and red roof, the Tastewear collection includes a number of pizza-inspired garments, which will be available to purchase via for a limited time, while supplies last.

What inspired Pizza Hut's new collection?

According to Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer, Lindsay Morgan, the playful collection was designed "to give our biggest fans a chance to show off their pizza love through fun, trending streetwear-inspired pieces that are still classically Pizza Hut."

The nostalgia-inspired collection includes a checkered red and white tracksuit (for $99.99), a pizza necklace adorned with bejeweled pepperonis (for $19.99), slide-style shoes printed with the Hut's logo (for $24.99), and a Tiffany lamp-inspired t-shirt (for $15.99). Also available to purchase are Pizza Hut's iconic red plastic cups, priced at $9.99. According to Morgan, "from the bejeweled pepperoni chain to the classic red cups, our team thoughtfully crafted the details to give fans nationwide a fresh way to show off their Pizza Hut love." 

The Tastewear collection drop is Pizza Hut's latest effort to benefit from the nostalgia for the classic chain, which announced it was closing 500 locations across the country in 2019. The new Hut-inspired clothing line is part of the restaurant's "Newstalgia" campaign (via Pizza Hut), which aims to bring "back all the nostalgic feels to customers" of the restaurant, with the help of actor and comedian Craig Robinson as the campaign's spokesperson.

While it's unlikely the new collection will launch Pizza Hut back into its Tiffany lamp-tinted glory days, it will give nostalgia-loving fans of the Hut the opportunity to show their support — and look pretty stylish doing it.