This Classic Dunkaroos Flavor Is Finally Making A Comeback

Betty Crocker Dunkaroos hit the snack foods market in 1992, according to its manufacturer, General Mills (via YouTube). Being the very first cookie that came with its own dippable frosting, Dunkaroos made a huge splash, especially among school-age kids. Children who were in school cafeterias in the 1990s and early 2000s are likely familiar with the crispy-cookie-with-smooth-frosting-goodness. Initially, Dunkaroos were tiny and kangaroo-shaped and came in two basic flavors: honey graham cookies with vanilla frosting and honey graham cookies with chocolate frosting. Soon after, many additional flavors were introduced, including chocolate cookies with peanut butter frosting, but the most popular flavors were anything that came with rainbow sprinkles. 

In 2012, for reasons only Betty Crocker and General Mills can be said to fully understand, Dunkaroos were unceremoniously taken out of rotation in the U.S. (via Tastemade). For years after, Dunkaroos fans (including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, via Twitter) made many attempts to appeal the decision, including through online petitions and social media campaigns helmed by the likes of Kim Kardashian (via Twitter). Finally, they came back, albeit with the kangaroo-shape scrapped in favor of a simple round cookie emblazoned with a bubble-letter "D" and only one flavor to choose from: vanilla cookies with rainbow-sprinkled vanilla frosting (via General Mills Blog). Well, that's about to change, as this classic Dunkaroos flavor is set to make a summer comeback.

Chocolate Dunkaroos fans, you have reason to rejoice!

Finally, Dunkaroos fans who lean toward chocolate flavors are getting their wish: "The rumors are true," the Dunkaroos' Instagram account posted on April 26. "Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming back this summer." And apparently, they will be in stock not only at 7-Eleven and Circle K but also at grocery stores nationwide this July. Fans of chocolate cookies need to be prepared, however: the chocolate flavor that is making its return refers only to the frosting flavor. The little cookies you'll be dipping into that chocolate frosting will still be vanilla. 

Fans are excited if responses on the Instagram account are any indication. These include such exclamations as "BOUT TIME!" and "BRUHHHH." One fan did wonder when there will be a return of the original honey graham-flavored cookie. But for now, vanilla cookies will have to suffice. "We all know summer is more fun with the taste of '90s," a spokesperson for General Mills remarked to Thrillist in any email on April 27. Hear hear.