What Makes Jeff Mauro's Cookbook So Unique

There's a lot of details you might not know about Jeff Mauro, like how he recently released his first cookbook. His cookbook is titled "Come On Over," and the collection has "111 Fantastic Recipes for the Family That Cooks, Eats, and Laughs Together" (via HarperCollins). If you love entertaining and making dinners with your family, this is the perfect cookbook for you, or if you've already gone through all of the best cookbooks of 2020, consider adding "Come On Over" to your collection.

If you're intimidated by cookbooks with complicated steps that require plenty of kitchen gadgets and ingredients that you don't always have on hand, this isn't something you need to worry about with Mauro's cookbook. "Come On Over" is a fantastic cookbook to have if you want lots of recipes for inspiration and want straightforward directions. According to Mauro himself, in an interview with The Maine Edge, his latest cookbook doesn't play by the "read the entire recipe before you start cooking" rule.

Mauro calls himself the impatient recipe cooker

The Maine Edge interviewed Mauro about his cookbook, and they pointed out that the recipes are easy to follow, with plenty of photos to help home cooks along the way. It turns out, there's a great reason for that, and even if you aren't a top chef, you can still make a delicious meal.

"I didn't want to make people feel like they had to study before cooking. I'm that guy, the impatient recipe cooker. I always want to start right away so the first thing I read, I'm going to start doing while I read the rest," Mauro said.

On HarperCollins' website, there's a few recipes from Mauro's cookbook listed, like BLT Sliders with Candied Bacon and No-Bake Cookie Butter Pie. But what's Mauro's go-to recipe? Mauro told The Maine Edge that he enjoys making Detroit-style pizza for his family. Mauro has perfected the "caramelized cheese-crust" that makes Detroit-style pizza so good. The recipe is included in "Come on Over," and it's the Mauro family's go-to for pizza night.

Of course, Jeff Mauro being who he is, there's one dish he thinks tops Chicago's classic deep-dish pizza, and we're guessing Mauro's favorite Chicago food makes a cameo in some of his recipes.