Looking For A Job? Alton Brown Is Hiring

Talk about your dream job! Or possibly a nightmare ... Chefs and celebrities are known to be somewhat temperamental, after all, and Alton Brown is both of those things. Not to mention he can be a wee bit eccentric at times, as witness his pre-election Twitter meltdown. Still, if you're interested in working for the "Good Eats" host, today could be your lucky day. He's not looking for a sous chef, though. Instead, according to a recent tweet, what Brown wants is "a (qualified and hopefully experienced) social media professional/digital content wiz looking for a new gig working with a somewhat-established culinary brand."

While Brown doesn't get too specific about why he needs a social media manager at this point in time, there's been some recent speculation on Reddit that he is planning to cut ties with Food Network and branch out into new territory. Whatever it is, it's bound to be interesting, for sure. As Brown concluded his tweet, "Are you ready to bask in the glory and glamour you know you deserve? I can't make any promises but #ImHiring."

Twitter users are all over this job opportunity

Needless to say, just about everyone that follows Brown on Twitter was eager to throw their toque into the ring. Many of them were optimistic, despite not being able to present any qualifications other than writing, "Been a fan for ages and would love to work for you," "not a social media professional but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express," and "I've posted on Twitter and Facebook once or twice. I also can make very shoddy MS paint memes."

Others, however, seemed to take the position more seriously, such as one Twitter user who commented, "I am a CIA grad and BBA candidate with a BFA in Film & TV production who is looking to combine my love of both food and film in some way in the future" and another who said, "I do social media content for the Navy. I get out in 5 months! Looking for a digital content job right now!" as well as the supremely confident duo who claimed, "Our Twitter feed speaks for itself." A few would-be applicants even offered to work for food (cacio e pepe and grilled cheese sandwiches were both mentioned). One person, however, noted that Brown may just be trolling us with something that "has to be the Boatie McBoatface of HR hiring schemes."