Lorde Just Revealed What Her Perfect Onion Ring Would Be On Hot Ones

After a few years of relative quiet, Lorde is set to release her third album, "Solar Power," on August 20, per Insider. As part of the required media drum-up, she has appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and, most importantly for Mashed, "Hot Ones." In between an episode of biting into wings, sauce, and questions, Lorde listed the qualities needed for the perfect onion ring (via YouTube). After all, as someone who has run a secret onion ring review Instagram account, she surely has some strong opinions.

"I want an onion that has been cut thickly," she told host Sean Evans. "I want a pretty toothsome, vertical bite." She held her fingers about an inch apart as an example. "I want a pretty crisp yet thick crust. I want it to have some substance. I guess I'd probably be more into a battered than a crumbed crust." The last preference was towards white onions, though she admitted that she had eaten good rings made from red onions before.

This explains Lorde's aversion to Burger King's rings

While food opinions are opinions, it was noteworthy that when Mashed ran a survey on the fast food chain with the best onion rings, Burger King won 32.34% of respondents. These are the same rings @onionringsworldwide, Lorde's onion rings account, scorned with a one out of five: "I didn't actually know Burger King did onion rings, and good thing I didn't because they are not good. Characteristics were a mulched onion filling with a distinct bitterness."

At a glance, the rings are thin and crumbed, both of which run against the healthy battered bunch of fried onion she likes. The skimpiness of the onion becomes clearer when Fooducate lists the first three ingredients of Burger King's rings as "water, bleached wheat flour, dehydrated onions." Neither the order nor the fact that these onions are dehydrated should inspire confidence. As for onion rings Lorde likes, the last post featured thick, battered rings from the Auckland establishment Hotel Ponsonby, which she awarded 4 out of 5. That was in April. Perhaps further recommendations will come.