Nearly 22% Said This Was Their Least Favorite Frozen Pizza Brand

For some of us, a frozen pizza dinner doesn't come with a whole lot of comparison shopping or taste-testing. After all, the reason we're eating frozen pizza in the first place is probably because it's a cheap shortcut. Maybe there wasn't time to make something better (like a fresh homemade pizza), or because it's been a long, aggravating day and picking up a skillet or a chef's knife is the very last thing you feel like doing. Or because there's hungry kids, roommates, or friends in the house that we need to feed fast. So we grab that icy box from the freezer, and in about 15 minutes it's ready. If that frozen pizza tastes more like a sheet of cardboard than real food, well at least no one is hangry anymore.

However, there are clearly a lot of people that have put time into finding the best pizzas in the freezer case, and as a result they've also discovered which ones they think are the worst. In a recent Mashed poll, 651 US-based participants shared their least favorite kind of frozen pizza. Six brands were among the options to choose from, including Totino's, DiGiorno, Red Baron, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen, and Celeste — but there is one brand that respondents disliked most of all. 

Totino's frozen pizza is convenient, but isn't the most liked brand

Top of the list in the Mashed poll of least favorite frozen pizzas was the Totino's brand, chosen by 21.66% of respondents. It's an unfortunate twist that Totino's ranks so poorly with pizza lovers these days, because back in the 1960s, the Totino family was among the early pioneers of selling and distributing frozen pizza (via CNBC), creating a whole convenience food industry that we take for granted. Today, it seems the brand is more focused on the convenience of the products they sell, like their well-known Pizza Rolls that kids have clamored for since the '80s despite the flavor not being all that impressive. There's also Party Pizza packs that offer rectangular slabs of frozen pie. 

Totino's wasn't the only frozen pizza that made the "least favorite" list. Coming in at a close second place with a 20.28% share of the votes was Celeste Pizza, described on their website as "pizza for one." In general, these pizzas are pretty affordable at the grocery store, costing about $1.00 a-piece. Another 18.43% of respondents said Red Baron was their least favorite, with California Pizza Kitchen and DiGiorno pies not far behind, coming in at 14.90% and 12.90%, respectively. The best of the worst frozen pizzas chosen by 11.83% of the connoisseurs was Tombstone, which Taste Of Home reviewers found to be too thick and under seasoned — but clearly it's the winner in our poll.