25% Of People Believe This Chain Has The Best Coffee

Coffee: It's what keeps a good chunk of the world moving, working, and surviving each day of every week. And in the US, we're lucky to have an abundance of coffee chains to keep us fueled no matter where we are.

But who is serving up the best cup of joe over the counter, or through the drive-thru window? Is there one coffee chain that rises above the competition and steals the hearts of caffeinated America? This is, after all, important information for the masses, since over half of America is drinking coffee regularly. In fact, according to Disturb Me Not, about 64% of Americans consume coffee every day. That's like, a lot of people.

As such, Mashed conducted a recent survey of 651 US-based residents to see who really stacks up when it comes to the best java. Contenders to choose from included some of the biggest coffee brands out there, like Starbucks, Dunkin', Peet's, and Caribou, and some others that may be more regional favorites like Seattle's Best and Tim Hortons.

Dunkin' is the chain that 25% of Americans believe has the best coffee

Those more regional favorites like Seattle's Best simply didn't measure up to some of the bigger names in the survey — that chain had just 8.91% of the votes. Tim Hortons, which is actually quite vast in terms of its number of locations, secured last place in the poll with only 5.84% believing it has the best coffee. Sorry, Timmy.

In another twist, the popular and visible chain Caribou Coffee also didn't score that high in the rankings, bringing in only 8.29% of the total votes for the chain with the best coffee. 

This leaves us with what most people would probably consider the most popular coffee chains in America, and maybe even the world. In fact, the statistics don't lie — according to Insider, Starbucks, Peet's, and Dunkin' are some of the leading coffee chains with the most locations in the US.

With nearly 15,000 locations in the US alone (per Scrape Hero), Starbucks took the biggest piece of the cake when it came to the coffee survey. Securing the lead with 40.71% of total votes, the beloved spot was voted by Americans as having the best coffee. But it was Dunkin' that came in second with 25.65% of votes. Peet's rounded out the top three with 10.60% of the share.