Why Misha Collins Fans Are Begging McDonald's To Release This '90s Commercial

Now that the CW series "Supernatural" is over, fans of one of the show's stars are desperately searching for a deeply buried artifact from the actor's body of work. Those out of the loop may wonder why Twitter is littered with seemingly random people begging McDonald's to release a 1998 commercial featuring Misha Collins and possibly titled "Cabin Fever." Some of Collins appeared in the commercial, in any case. Before he landed roles in shows such as "24," "ER," and "NCIS" early in his career (via IMDb), Collins' feet appeared in the McDonald's ad — or so legend has it.

Twitter user @thatfirefox_ addressed a message to MICKY-DEE'S: "US #GISHERS NEED YOUR HELP! We need the commercial from 1998 called 'cabin fever' that has actor @mishacollins & can only see his socks!"

So far, it appears, @thatfirefox_ and the rest of the "Gishers" have come up empty. You would have thought the internet — Tumblr, at least — had everything. But wait — who are these Gishers, anyway? They're participating in Gish, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, a one-week event that concludes on August 7. The online event's creator and host is — you guessed it — Misha Collins.

Misha Collins' 'Gish' scavenger hunt includes the old McDonald's commercial

The elusive McDonald's ad from the 1990s called "Cabin Fever" is an item in the latest Gish scavenger hunt. The commercial is proving exceedingly difficult to track down online. Seekers on Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit have yet to find it. In desperation, social media users such as @thatfirefox_ on Twitter have resorted to pleading with McDonald's to dig the TV spot out of its vault and post it somewhere. So far, McDonald's has remained silent on the issue, at least on Twitter. The chain's Twitter manager is busy right now, as usual, responding to people trolling it with complaints.

Registration for Gish is closed, but we decided to spend a few minutes hunting for the Gishy Grail of McDonald's commercials. The closest we could come was this Tumblr post (also on YouTube) that claims the "Cabin Fever" spot appears 90 seconds into the video included in the post. Gishers were disappointed to learn this was a dead end. At best, fans speculated the old commercial for a McDonald's Happy Meal toy may have had Misha Collins in voiceover only.

If any of the Gishers finds this long-lost McDonald's commercial, they will be worthy of the event's grand prize, which will be announced after the hunt is over. According to the Gish website, proceeds from this particular scavenger hunt support True Colors United, a charity that combats homelessness among LGBTQ youth.