What Kate Middleton Really Orders At The Pub

The British Royal family is well known for its unusual diets. According to his website, Prince Charles famously does not eat lunch –– ever; Queen Elizabeth II only takes her Earl Grey tea with the milk poured in after the tea, and not before; Prince Harry, for his part, rarely eats pizza anymore (via The Royal Family, on YouTube). From the oldest generation to the youngest, members of the House of Windsor maintain strict rules around food, drink, and diet.

According to a recent article from Express, however, not all royals are quite so exacting about what they eat. After digging through Daily Mail archives, Express has unearthed a 2010 article that gives an account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's early years in Wales, on the Isle of Anglesey, and how the couple used to eat at a local pub called The White Eagle. A pub staff member is quoted, describing the royal couple as "just like any other young couple," with Prince William tending to order a pint or two of bitter and Kate Middleton preferring white wine and sparkling water. In terms of food, the couple seems to have ordered off The White Eagle menu. According to the staffer, the Duchess's typical order was "fish and salad," while the Duke was fond of the pub's "home-made burgers and chips (fries)."

Even royals enjoy a pub

The Express article goes on to examine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's long history of dining at ordinary British pubs. As the royal couple's family has grown and they have moved from one estate to the next (they own at least three separate properties, according to a 2018 Cheat Sheet tally) the Duke and Duchess have been sighted at various pubs across Great Britain. During their time in Norfolk, site of Anmer Hall, they stopped by The Crown Inn, to "enjoy ... a drink at the bar ...[and] dinner."

Meanwhile, back in London, Kate Middleton is known to meet up with her friends for drinks at the Hollywood Arms, a Chelsea pub which she apparently enters through a secret entrance in a rear alleyway. The Duke is also known to spend time with friends at pubs, having been seen in 2019 at the Prince Albert Pub in Battersea, meeting with a pro footballer friend to watch the Euro 2020 qualifier. Over in Bucklebury, Berkshire (the Duchess's hometown), Prince William and Kate are regulars at The Old Boot Inn, whose landlord is a close friend of theirs and was invited to their wedding.

While many members of the British royal family are famous for their strict regimens and for refusing to eat certain foods, Prince William and Kate Middleton seem content with what's on offer at the local pub.