Aldi's 'Doggie Ice Cream' Is Turning Heads

Aldi is giving new meaning to "dog days of summer." While humans love ice cream as a sweet and delicious way to beat the summer heat, we shouldn't share our double-scoop cone with our canine best friend, according to the American Kennel Club. Dogs are lactose intolerant, and they really shouldn't eat that much sugar. And as any dog owner should already know, chocolate is most definitely off the menu. Aldi offers a solution to dog owners who want their canine companions to share in the joy of their favorite summer treat. Redditor Phila21767 reported finding the Aldi-brand Heart to Tail frozen dog treats at their local store. The packaging describes the product as "ice cream-style treats" that come in two flavors: original, and cheese and bac'n. (The apostrophe in bacon may be a giveaway that no pork belly was involved in the making of this treat.)

We're not sure how long Aldi's Heart to Tail frozen dog treats will be available at a store near you. The retail chain has offered them up over the past three summers now as an Aldi Find, per Best Products, which means they're only available for a limited time.

Aldi's frozen dog treats have a lot of satisfied customers

So, are Heart to Tail frozen dog treats any good? It's hard to know, given that none of Aldi's target customers have mastered human language yet, much less the art of the product review. The canine companion who lives with Redditor Phila21767 seemed to like them well enough. The dog's owner headlined their post, "Doggie ice cream is a hit!"

Frozen dog treats have a certain advantage, considering that dogs can't just wolf them down in a single gulp. Since dogs have to lick them, the treats provide "longevity of enjoyment," as Phila21767 put it. Long-lasting treats like these have another advantage, pointed out by Reddit user tkzman1869: "My dog ... hates being brushed and I give him one of the cups and am able to brush him no problem!" That "longevity of enjoyment" is longer for some dogs than others, however. "Our dog licked it to the size of a golf ball then swallowed it," Redditor TrueBlue8515 commented.

Obviously, you need to store these Heart to Tail dog treats in the freezer. Just be sure to keep them in the original box, or else label the four individual servings clearly as dog food. "My dogs loved these, but don't try them yourself," one Reddit commenter said. "I found out the hard way."