Ben & Jerry's Is Releasing A New Range Of Ice Cream, But It's Not For People

Ben and Jerry's has been a frozen dessert favorite among people for over 40 years. Ever since they opened their doors in 1978, they've delighted customers with their creative ice cream flavors and clever names, and now they're ready to delight a whole new market of customers: our furry friends.

Per Food and Wine, the Vermont-based ice cream chain just announced they will be adding Doggie Desserts to their line of products. The frozen treats were specially designed with dogs in mind, so they are completely pet-safe and full of flavors your dogs are sure to love.

"We know our fans love their dogs and treat them like family. We created this product line so pups can enjoy something even better than belly rubs. Doggie Desserts are the sweetest treat they'll ever put their paws on," Lindsay Bumps, Ben & Jerry's Global Marketing Specialist, said via Thrillist.

Dog-lovers on social media were ecstatic to hear the news. User @murph.dood posted on Instagram: "This looks soooooo good...Murph needs this!!" "Oooh, gotta get some for my girls," @fawncynawncy wrote, while user @elizmcdonough celebrated: "Yaaaaasssss!! This is awesome!"

Ben and Jerry's Doggie Desserts are available in two delicious flavors

As of right now, there are two frozen flavors available for purchase. Rosie's Batch boasts a sweet pumpkin flavor and is sprinkled with mini cookies, while the mini-cup of Pontch's Mix offers a sweet blend of peanut butter with pretzel swirls, per Ben and Jerry's. Both flavors are made with a sunflower butter base that is kosher and totally safe for dogs. 

And the best part is, they are named for two of Ben and Jerry's K9-5ers, the pups who accompany their people to work at the Ben and Jerry's dog-friendly offices each day. Bumps told CNBC they picked the two dogs to allow for "good doggie diversity" in their products. Pontch is a smaller male Frenchie bulldog, while Rosie is a bigger girl. She is a rescue mutt with a mix of both Doberman and Husky breeds.

Bumps is also hoping to be able to expand their flavor offerings soon. However, in the meantime, the two current flavors of pup cups are selling for $2.99 per individual 4-ounce mini cup, or $4.99 per four-pack. They will be available online and at retailers nationwide.