Why Kylie Jenner Received Backlash On TikTok After Sharing What She Eats In A Day

If there's anything we love almost as much as telling other people what we're eating, it's hearing about what other people have been putting in their own mouths, especially if those other people happen to be famous. Without this virtual food sharing, Instagram would likely go out of business within the week.

It was another form of social media, however, that Kylie Jenner used to share her daily eating routine — she recently released a TikTok showing what she allegedly eats in a day. Don't want to watch the video? No need, we'll break it down for you. 

Jenner's breakfast is granola with yogurt and fresh berries, garnished with a photogenic sprig of mint and accompanied by a cup of matcha. Mid-morning snack: coconut water served in an actual coconut shell. Lunch was a healthy salad, of course, while her afternoon snacks consisted of red grapes and lemon water with a few drops of ... ink? That's what it looks like, but it seems the black stuff is actually "fulvic drops" from the brand blk.water (via TikTok). Her dinner was a teeny-weeny portion of pasta in a cream or cheese sauce accompanied by a small salad and a few asparagus spears. Oh, and then, after all this healthy eating, she apparently baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, because that's supposed to be what normal people eat, right?

Jenner's TikTok followers weren't too impressed by her food choices

While Jenner's TikTok video received over 35,000 comments, not all of those comments expressed admiration for the celebrity or her diet. Many TikTok users remarked on the ridiculously small amount of food with comments like "I eat all of that as one meal," "Who only eats 4 asparagus," and "That's one mouthful of pasta." Others snarked about the fact that Jenner herself probably doesn't spend too much time on food prep, saying "not one of those meals did she lift a finger for" and "I would eat that too if I was a billionaire with a personal chef." 

Some commenters bemoaned their own menus, saying "I'm sitting at home eating Noodles and Cereal," "I eat rice and beans," and "Bruh I'm lucky if I get dominos," but one person did point out that "The stuff I get at the gas station looks and probably taste[s] better."

The cookies Jenner baked drew quite a bit of attention. A few people asked for the recipe (maybe her chef would oblige, if you asked them nicely), but others questioned her motive for including cookies as an addendum to her day of designer health food. As one person put it, "Add a cookie to be relatable" –- if this was her aim, Jenner didn't really succeed. It appears that few, if any, fans were able to relate to anything in her video, cookies included.