Twitter Is Torn Over Nigella Lawson's Summer Pudding

Normally when Nigella Lawson takes to Twitter to share her recipe of the day with her followers, her fans only have good things to say. Some even find themselves awestruck by just how brilliant Nigella's recipes can be. However, her latest creation didn't inspire the same amount of confidence as usual.

Nigella's recipe of the day on August 7 was a British classic, and one that she took out of her 2020 cookbook "Cook, Eat, Repeat." However, this particular dish had Twitter torn. The reason? It requires the use of soggy bread soaked in fruit juice and is best served cold.

The recipe Nigella shared was of a Summer Pudding, which she says happens to be "the quintessential taste of English summers, even rainy ones" (via Twitter). However, not everyone has a similar liking for the British summer-themed dessert. Nigella herself acknowledges that it might not be everyone's cup of tea, writing on her website that: "It's true, I admit, that a dessert of compacted berries encased in bread is not an appealing proposition for those who haven't grown up on this seasonal treat, but all it takes is a mouthful to convince."

Twitter has mixed feelings about this British Summer Pudding

Nigella's Summer Pudding recipe requires summer berries to first be brought to a boil with sugar and water. Slices of bread then need to be dipped in the purplish-red berry liquid and stacked into layers with some more fruit juice poured on top. Lawson recommends refrigerating the juice-soaked tower of bread in the refrigerator for up to two days.

While some find this peculiar juice-soaked bread dessert — served cold and with a drizzle of double cream — refreshing in the scorching summer heat, others aren't too keen on the idea of eating cold, soggy, sweet bread — even if it happens to be Nigella's Recipe. Twitter user @msjanebond007 was in favor of the Summer Pudding and wrote in response to Nigella, "We used to eat this often as children ... it was a real favorite — yours looks particularly delicious Nigella." Another Summer Pudding fan @Alicia_Janina11, too, has nostalgic memories associated with the dessert from when their grandmother used to make the dessert with freshly picked berries from their garden.

Others weren't too convinced with Nigella's recipe of the day, however. Twitter follower @Hazelma14 said, "Never have a dessert that is basically old bread, that's my policy and i'm sticking with it." Another not-so-convinced follower @justinionn added that wet bread was a hard no: "Not hot wet bread, and certainly not cold wet bread."