Jack In The Box's New Stacked Croissant Sandwich Is Perfect For Meat Lovers

Mom was right when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Jack in the Box's newest morning menu item is the hearty bite that will satisfy even the biggest appetites. While many people love the variety on the fast food chain's menu, the Stacked Croissant looks to make waves in the quick service restaurant category. As reported by Brand Eating, this breakfast sandwich seems to have "twice the filling" compared to other offerings.

As seen on the brand's menu, the new sandwich features "a croissant stacked with American cheese, grilled ham, grilled sausage, freshly cracked egg, more ham, more sausage, more cheese and another freshly cracked egg." Basically, double the best parts of a sandwich. Since it is such a humongous bite, some people might prefer to enjoy it with a fork and knife. Although the new menu item is a calorie-dense way to start the day, Jack in the Box offers this menu item all day long. The new item has a suggested price of $4.99 and the sandwich has 860 calories. 

What's the most popular Jack in the Box breakfast sandwich?

Jack in the Box is known for some iconic menu items. From that Oreo Cookie Shake to the Sourdough Jack to even those Tiny Tacos, the breath of the chain's menu runs deep. Given that the quick service restaurant serves breakfast all day long, some menu items are a heartier choice. Whether it's breakfast or brunch, a few menu items top the most popular food list.

According to Ranker, the top breakfast menu choices include the Supreme Croissant, Loaded Breakfast Sandwich, and Jumbo Breakfast Platter. As seen with these top choices, guests' preferences lean toward heartier menu choices. Whether or not people grab a large coffee with those big bites remains to be seen, but these options might not be people looking to ration their calories for the day. While Jack in the Box doesn't make it until you order it, the restaurant brand isn't shy about giving you the biggest bite possible.