Costco's Whole Lambs Are Turning Heads

Okay, we've got to admit that we're a little obsessed with the Costco subreddit, r/Costco. We love it partially because of the interesting finds posted by invested users, and partially because it gives us our daily dose of "WTF?" if we're lacking in that department. Really, we just love Costco in general, but this is a great way to gather intel on what exactly this grocery store giant has been up to these days, and specifically what kind of products it's selling.

There was the recent Costco controversy regarding its "reindeer" sausage that had us feeling both confused and a little betrayed, proving that there's no shortage of interesting finds at Costco. Plus, plenty of free samples. However, we've recently discovered that some Costco products are more popular than others, and others gain attention for just how unexpected they are.

While a lot of the strange and unusual gems at Costco tend to come in smaller packages (so far, anyway), there's been a ... rather big development when it comes to its meat offerings, according to one Reddit user. It might not be what you're expecting but then again, who would expect something so fully intact?

Not your average butcher counter find

Yes, it's true — Costco sells whole, packaged lambs (via Costco Business Center). We're not really sure how to feel about it. Waste-preventing? Probably. Kind of upsetting to see behind the meat counter? A little, but at the same time, all cuts of lamb looked like this at one point.

Reddit user DCNupe83 posted a photo to r/Costco, sharing that their local store sells whole lambs. "No, not lamb chops, but the entire lamb!" the caption reads. According to the photo, the lambs are a product of New Zealand and priced at $4.69 per pound. User @flsucks cleverly commented "That's not a baaaaaad price either." We see what you did there.

One user pointed out something pretty smart: allegedly, Costcos cater to their local areas and populations as much as they can. "Places that are high in Asian population have [a]isles and [a]isles of Asian stuff that you never see elsewhere. Ones in Hispanic areas have a lot more Hispanic food," writes Reddit user kyrosnick. "One[s] in 'upscale' areas tend to stock more expensive items in regards to liquor, caviar, wagyu, etc. I travel all over the country and like to visit Costcos for fun just to see the differences and learn about the area."

Some commenters expressed surprise at the find, but some users in Maryland, Washington, and Canada said their Costco also sells whole lamb. The next time you make a Costco trip, look closer — your local store might have its own unique finds, too.