Good News For Fans Of Costco's Free Samples

The pandemic hasn't made shopping any easier. Our trips have cut way back, we have fewer available items to buy, and the whole layout of some stores have had to change (via The New York Times). If these challenges didn't dishearten you, the lack of hot samples definitely could. We started to see the return of samples, but things just felt off. According to Delish, stores like Costco had to offer individually-wrapped, room temperature samples that couldn't get you sick. Sometimes the sample displays would even have a fully cooked product behind plexiglass, taunting us because it was just out of reach.

At long last, we can finally get our hands on some hot samples again. In a post from Instagrammer @costcodeals, we can see that hot samples have returned to Costco. The post features a person handing out samples, prominently featuring a sign instructing shoppers to eat outside of the grocery store. These carry-out samples might not truly indicate a return to normalcy, but the fact we can enjoy some classic Costco fare proves encouraging.

The return of Costco hot food

If you like the idea of the return of hot free samples, but love the idea of grabbing a bite at the Costco food court, we have even more good news. According to CNN, Costco's nationwide plan is to reopen their food courts with a pared-down menu that reintroduces ice cream and smoothies, while setting up outdoor seating areas for socially distanced diners. The big box superstore also intends to bring back their churros very soon, and have started talking about plans to restart indoor dining once regulations get loosened even further. 

If you love dining at Costco, the wait brought about by the pandemic has almost come to an end. Hold out just a bit longer, and you can sip smoothies indoors at Costco before you know it. In the meantime, we can enjoy some cookie samples as we wait for every store to start handing out cooked samples, including noodles, sandwiches, and meatballs. Hold tight, and we can enjoy everything Costco has to offer soon.