You Have To Watch This Oddly Satisfying Tomato Art

Growing up, there's a good chance you learned that you're not supposed to play with your food. It seems that is not the case anymore – videos of food artists using knives to shape fruits and veggies into art are cropping up all over TikTok, and they're becoming one of the more popular trends on the app. For many people, the sights and sounds in these videos release serotonin and dopamine in their brain, which relaxes them and helps them sleep better (via Lemonade). Others may enjoy these videos because some viewers experience an involuntary, positive response in the brain that gives way to a pleasurable physical sensation, like a scalp tingle, while others simply find the process of slicing up produce into intricate shapes plain fascinating. 

Between soothing shots of perfectly-sliced apples, looped videos of potatoes going through ricers, and videos of artists reshaping food, you can guarantee this trend is here to stay (via TikTok). A new food sculptor has taken to social media and their tomato sculptures can please anyone.

Feel-good tomato transformations

The social media artist responsible for the videos goes by @swordknives and takes food sculpture to the next level with their tomato animals. The video features the TikTok user cutting bright red tomatoes and forming the slices into perfectly shaped birds. As they cut through each fruit, perfect cuts bend into perfectly shaped wings and beaks and nary a stray seed nor bit of tomato juice squishes out.

The video has racked up over 440,000 likes on TikTok and found its way over to Reddit. Users can't get enough of the video, with one commenter saying, "I'd lose more than the tips of my fingers trying this. The person in the video has good knife skills," (via Reddit). Others chimed in with comments like "this is rad" and  "truly magnificent." Others simply wondered "How does one simply look at a tomato and think, I could my a flamingo out of that?!?" 

The TikTok artist has other astonishing creations on their channel, including roses made from mangos, cucumber insects, and much more. When you need a dopamine boost, these intricate creations can lift anyone's mood and get you inspired to play with your food again.