37% Agree This Is The Worst Arby's Sandwich

In many fast food restaurants, there are a few staple items that customers order again and again. It's these popular and beloved foods that keep us coming back. However, it's just as interesting to figure out which particular menu options are being straight-up avoided by diners. You know the items, the ones the Reddit community starts threads about and we all flock to read. Mashed surveyed 640 individuals in the U.S. to get the scoop on what some people deemed the least desirable sandwich at the fast food chain, Arby's. There was one clear winner (or loser, depending on how you look at things) — the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich.

Of all the respondents surveyed, a whopping 37.50% revealed that this particular item was the worst sandwich on Arby's menu. The ingredient list isn't anything surprising for a chicken salad. It contains diced chicken, red grapes, apples, celery, and pecans (via Arby's). The mixture is placed atop a bed of leaf lettuce and then sandwiched between two slices of honey wheat bread. If you haven't seen this particular item on the menu at your nearest Arby's, it may be because it's a limited-time offering. As the fast food chain explained, this sandwich is "here for a good time" but "not a long time." However, the striking number of survey respondents who picked the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich as their least favorite on the menu may indicate that this item will linger in people's minds longer than they'd like.

Breaking down Arby's least liked sandwich

Taylor Swift was right when she crooned the lyrics, "Haters gonna hate," but maybe there are some practical reasons Arby's lovers are not overly fond of the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich. Consider that, per Fast Food Nutrition, this sandwich is calorie rich. It packs an eye-popping 870 calories between those bread slices, and based on a 2,000 daily calorie intake, that's almost 44% of your calories for the day. Not to mention, this sandwich is loaded with 46 grams of fat, which represents 71% of your daily intake. And if all that fat doesn't make you bat an eye, think about the sodium. The Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich contains 1190 mg of sodium or 50% of your daily salt intake. Those may just seem like a lot of numbers, but when you add them up, they definitely make you think twice about even trying this item.

And if we are speaking candidly, which we always do, there are so many other menu options that will make your taste buds sing while you satiate your hunger pangs, and, wait for it, they contain fewer calories. You could enjoy an Arby's Snack Size Orange Cream Shake, which contains just 310 calories and 8 grams of fat, along side a Grand Turkey Club sandwich which contains 480 calories and 23 grams of fat, and you will have enjoyed more food in the process and still consumed fewer calories and fat (via Arby's Nutrition). It's a win-win.

A few other Arby's items that aren't tantalizing the public's taste buds

Don't feel too badly for the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich. While one other chicken item, the Classic Roast Chicken sandwich, received 10% of votes from survey participants, it's not just poultry-based options that made the list. The second in line for the "worst sandwich" crown was the Corned Beef Reuben, which 22.19% of respondents disliked the most. Coming in third was the Beef n' Cheddar, a simple sandwich loaded with roast beef, cheddar cheese sauce, and a "zesty Red Ranch" (via Arby's), with 15% of the votes. Even the tempting-sounding Smokehouse Brisket, which features a smoke overload courtesy of sliced smoked brisket, smoked gouda cheese, and smokey BBQ sauce, wasn't immune to the public's judgment (via Arby's). It received 9.53% of the votes from respondents.

The option that was disliked by the fewest people turned out to be one of the brand's classics — the aptly named Classic Roast Beef sandwich. Only 5.78% of survey participants named the staple item as the worst sandwich on Arby's menu. Given that the Classic Roast Beef features nothing but a sesame seed bun and a pile of thinly shaved roast beef (via Arby's website), it seems that the fast food chain might excel when it keeps things simple. Of course, if you're looking to level up your order, you can always go for the Double or Half-Pound versions of the Classic Roast Beef for a truly carnivorous creation.