Guy Fieri Lights Up Instagram With A Photo Of His 'Blinged Up' Chihuahua

Two days ago, Guy Fieri took some time off from featuring himself on his Instagram page and instead showed the world a picture of, as he put it, "Smokey Dawg!" Smokey, a chihuahua, stares out towards the camera wearing a glitzy golden collar with an "S" pendant dangling. As of writing, the post has accrued 63,259 likes and many appreciative comments along the lines of "Awwwww" or a request for a fist bump. "Blinged up!" another noted with approval.

Fieri does not force Smokey into the spotlight too often, but the few times he does do so emphasize the affection he has for his dog. For the last two years, Fieri has announced Smokey's birthday to the Twitterverse. "Happy 3rd BDay to my number 1 right hand man and best buddy, Smokey!!" he wrote in 2020. More importantly, in 2019 he also included "#bestbdaygiftever," which gives offers a partial explanation for Fieri's clear love of his pet.

Smokey has become a regular detail

Smokey, as opposed to Bobby Flay's cat Nacho, has managed to become a steady presence in Fieri's life, but not a marketing tool. Not yet, anyway. When the Food Network asked during a Truth-or-False segment posted to Facebook whether Fieri's dog was called "Buddy," most of the responding chefs mentioned Smokey. As you may have gathered, the statement is false. Fieri has three dogs: a German shepherd called Cowboy, Roxy the English mastiff, and "then the dog who runs the whole house — who's my dog — is Smokey, a chihuahua."

That special attention to Smokey also comes through in interviews with Fieri. Mashable noted in May 2020 that despite enjoying his time at home playing with Smokey, Fieri was ready to address the pandemic. In April 2021, The Hollywood Reporter describes a handmade sign warning drivers of a small dog and how Fieri makes eyes at Smokey while talking about how his platinum hair and tattoos mean people often misunderstand him. It is a disgustingly cute relationship.