Why You Should Always Order Light Ice At Dunkin, According To TikTok

Founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenburg, the brand that came to fame as Dunkin' Donuts has locations all over the world, from its flagship store in Quincy, MA, to Thailand (via the Dunkin website'). The franchise is known for its variety of donut flavors and shapes, especially its trademark Munchkins (mini donut holes). However, in 2018, Dunkin' dumped the "Donuts" in its name in order to put all its efforts into reminding America that the company runs on Dunkin' coffee, not Dunkin' donuts, per CNBC.

It seems to have worked. Dunkin' welcomes over 3 million thirsty customers every day, according to its website. From traditional iced coffee to iced lattes and iced macchiatos to cold brew, it's no secret that Dunkin's iced caffeinated drinks hit the sweet spot. But that doesn't mean customers are always happy with the chain's protocol for preparing iced beverages. After all, America may run on Dunkin', but how are Americans supposed to stay caffeinated or energized if the coffee company's cold drinks are more ice than coffee?

Where's the coffee?

Dunkin' employees have joined the viral trend of divulging behind-the-counter secrets on TikTok. Most recently, one Dunkin' worker showed followers just how much coffee comes in a large iced beverage order, and customers are not happy with the ice to coffee ratio. In the TikTok demonstration, the worker carefully pours a full, large-size iced coffee into an empty large cup, using a long stir spoon to prevent any ice from escaping the original cup. Once all the iced coffee has been transferred to the second cup, the TikToker places the ice-filled cup next to it. The original cup is still filled to the very top with ice while the coffee-only cup is filled maybe halfway.

Since the video was posted, it's received over 4,000 comments. "No one uses that much ice," one person wrote. Many users recommend asking the barista for little or no ice if you prefer your coffee-to-ice ratio to fall heavier on the coffee side. However, one viewer complained, "I say light ice [and] it's still half way these scammers." Though, according to one follower, at "most places iced coffee is brewed as extra strong coffee because it's meant for the ice to melt and water it down." Perhaps that's the case at Dunkin'. But if you're concerned about being shortchanged on your cold caffeine fix, your best bet might be asking for light ice in a smaller size (since you know the coffee will fit), and you can add more in later.