These Are The Most Surprising International Dunkin' Donut Flavors

Dunkin' is probably best known for its delicious hot coffee and myriad donut flavors. While some donuts are classics and others are more festive like the chain's Halloween donuts in the United States, there are tons of other flavors you've probably never heard of. These flavors, however, are curated to local markets in different countries all around the world. The chain still sells it's best-known flavors internationally like Boston Kreme, Jelly-filled, and Glazed, but the other flavors are more regionally focused (via Dunkin'). 

In China, there is a dried pork and seaweed donut that offers a sweet and salty flavor profile. In South Korea, there are a few surprising flavors (via Business Insider). Among them is a jalapeno sausage pie donut. Next up is a savory, kimchi-filled donut. Fans of milder flavors might like the black rice donut. Moreover, there's a red bean-filled glazed donut. Another donut that you might have a hard time walking by without even considering hails from Indonesia. Known as a black cheese donut, this treat has chocolate frosting, is rolled in vanilla cream, and has shredded Parmesan cheese to top it all off.

Look for these eye-catching flavors during your travels

If the above assortment isn't enough, there are a ton of other flavors that you probably won't be able to stop thinking about once you've learned of them. Next up is another flavor from China – a mango pudding donut, which sounds delicious. It's essentially a glazed donut but with a compote-like mango pudding on top. China is also home to a butter almond donut that has a cake base topped with vanilla cream and sprinkled with toasted almonds (via Delish).

If you head to the Middle East and visit the UAE, there's a date donut. These are iced with vanilla or chocolate then topped with date syrup for an extra-sweet finish. Japan has a mochi ring donut and Thailand has an Emerald Custard donut that's made with pandan, a sweet herb. In Peru, the Delirium Donut is a sugar overload. It's a yeast donut filled with a dulce de leche-like substance and topped with icing, caramel, and pecans. Peru also has a pistachio icing donut topped with bright sprinkles.

There are so many amazing donut flavors out there to try. The next time you travel, you'll definitely want to stop by a Dunkin when you spot a location. You never know what regional delicacies they'll have in donut form.