What Terry Crews Really Eats In A Day

Anyone who has seen actor Terry Crews on screen knows that the man must put some careful consideration into what he consumes to fuel his seriously impressive physique. When chatting with Men's Health for their "Eat Like" series, Crews took fans through what a typical day of eating looks like for him — and while you may think he's just loading up on plain chicken breast and steamed broccoli for every meal, that's certainly not the case.

One of the main elements of his diet now, something he's incorporated over the past eight years, is intermittent fasting; he's a huge proponent of the particular style of eating, which many other celebrities swear by (via Us Weekly), and typically does his workouts fasted, aka before he consumes any food. The two substances that fuel him through those morning hours are water with amino acid powder, which he cheekily calls "stardust" and sips all morning and afternoon, and coffee with no sugar or cream, only coconut oil.

Crews revealed that since he began following intermittent fasting, he's begun adding more fat into his diet, hence the satiating addition to his morning caffeine jolt. Another go-to liquid in his daily diet is his 5 p.m. protein shake, which helps fill him up and hold him over until it's time for dinner.

What's on the menu in the Crews household

Since his intermittent fasting means he's not chowing down on a hearty breakfast, Terry Crews finds a way to enjoy some of his breakfast-friendly favorites for lunch instead (via Men's Health). Crews is a huge fan of any type of eggs, from scrambled to frittatas, and loves a brunch-style meal later in the day. When he's not reaching for protein-packed eggs, another favorite lunch option is a charcuterie board packed with more healthy fats from sources like almonds, fermented additions such as pickles, as well as some meats and cheeses. Sign us up!

Dinnertime happens between 7 and 8 p.m. in the Crews household, and while his dinners tend to be quite healthy, he isn't afraid to break his fat-dominant, quasi-ketogenic way of eating for his evening meal — though an ideal dinner for him looks something like grilled bison ribeye, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, he's quick to point out that he'll also have bread or pasta if he wants at that stage of the day. He's also got a bit of a sweet tooth. He is particularly partial to cheesecake, especially keto-friendly versions crafted from almond flour.

Finally, his weekly indulgence — every Saturday night is Crews' weekly "cheat meal," and anything goes. From pizza and burgers to apple pie à la mode, it's where he fits in any decadent, delicious things he's been craving, so he doesn't feel as though he's missing out the rest of the week.