Good News For Fans Of Aldi's Popular Frozen Burritos

It's always frustrating to try to understand the logistics behind the decisions made by large chains. Sure they don't always have a direct impact on the consumer, but when it comes to removing a treasured item from the inventory, it can be enough to irritate even the most easy-going client. Thankfully, items do come back into rotation, as is often the case with Aldi's products. The large discount supermarket chain seems to know that customers will be even more eager to purchase their favorite articles after they've been absent for a while. Perhaps the chain is toying with the notion that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In any case, fans of Aldi's popular frozen burritos will be pleased to know that the grocery store is bringing them back to its freezer shelves once again. It's hard not to get excited about a frozen burrito ー it's the perfect format available anytime you get a craving for a Mexican-inspired snack. Of course, in true Aldi fashion, the Whole & Simple brand meal-sized burrito has been listed at $1.99 in the past, making it a budget-friendly option (via Instagram). You can bet that the Reddit community was among the first to know about the recent return of the burritos, thanks to user kotomd's announcement, "They are back!" on the Aldi subreddit.

Should you rush out to buy these Whole & Simple burritos?

Multiple users commented, eagerly planning to stop by the closest Aldi as soon as possible to pickle up some Whole & Simple burritos. Remarks like the one by user techgal_R, "I'm definitely going to go make a special trip to pick these up!", made it clear that the frozen burritos had been missed (via Reddit). Earlier this year, Aldi Reviewer posted about the popular burritos, warning consumers that they were an Aldi Finds offer, which isn't usually available for extended periods of time. Whether the burritos are back for good or still a temporary item is unclear, so fans of the tasty snack might want to stock up.

The two flavor options are Chicken, Cilantro, and Lime or a quintessential Steak and Cheese burrito. Aldi Reviewer points out that the burritos are nourishing and made from mostly wholesome ingredients (the brand name Whole & Simple is a good indication). There doesn't seem to be a clear winner between the two flavors among the Reddit comments so try them both and pick your favorite. If you're short on time, pop the frozen burrito into the microwave, otherwise heat it in the oven to ensure a crispy exterior. Be sure to grab a few to enjoy while they're available!