Here's How Chopped Keeps The Winner's Identity Secret

As a competition, "Chopped" is anything but easy to get through. Participants need to be ready to tackle several daunting tasks on the show, like dealing with the mystery box of ingredients. According to Insider, contestants genuinely have no idea what they'll be cooking with on the series. While they do get the opportunity to look at the pantry in advance, the mystery box is as elusive as ever. Plus, you've got to be prepared for the timer to go off as soon as you get a look at the ingredients. 

The show that's known for featuring popular culinary names such as Amanda Freitag and Marcus Samuelsson, among others, also requires you to stay mum. As per Delish, this rule is a big one that basically helps the producers ensure that they can keep the suspense going until all the episodes are screened for audiences. Additionally, contestants must be comfortable with giving long interviews after the filming process is finished. 

Contestants are fined if they let details of the show slip

According to the Statesman Journal, "Chopped" takes its rules pretty seriously and you definitely don't want to breach the confidentiality agreement that you sign with the Food Network. Former winner, Sequoia Pranger, said in an interview that if you break this particular rule you'll have to cough up a hefty fine — as much as $650,000. 

This whole process can be quite exhausting for those that compete on the show. Pranger got so overwhelmed that she ended up deactivating her Facebook account to avoid answering questions about her time on "Chopped." It's also pretty tiring for those that work behind-the-scenes on the series. The crew, judges, and participants easily spend 12 hours working on a single episode. So if you want to be a contestant on the popular show, be ready for long days and be prepared to keep who wins under wraps.