Why Aldi Fans Are Not Concerned About A Scented Candle Shortage This Year

When a Reddit user recently walked through their local Aldi, they found the latest candles the store stocked for Aldi Finds. In fact, they found what seemed like an endless supply of candles. "They are not playing around this year," they captioned the picture. A few that noticed the post chimed in saying that their nearest Aldi had also begun to stock hundreds upon hundreds of the scented light source, readying themselves for the hordes of shoppers. 

Some were hopeful that this might mark the end of scrambling for the candles. "Hopefully they keep this same energy when the really really good scents come out," one wrote. "We're getting there!" The original poster agreed, responding, "I feel like they've definitely been keeping more candles in stock but this is by far the most I've ever seen." However, pessimism still remained in the conversation's undercurrent. "Those will be gone by the end of the day, if I know my customers," another commented. 

It's not a real shortage

The pessimism about Aldi's ability to continue offering candles was due to how vulture-like some shoppers can be when it comes to Aldi Finds. Three months ago, another customer vented on Reddit, wishing that Aldi would put some kind of limit on Aldi Finds. They explained the issue was that many Aldi locations begin the limited-offer on Wednesday mornings, when most people cannot get in on the action. Then scalpers swoop in and buy all of the items with the intention of selling them at a higher price on Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or a similar site.

A couple commenters defended the pictures that people submitted of their candle collections, saying it takes more than one Aldi Find trip to establish such a collection. However, the prevalence of the practice is such that on a different thread about candles, a commentator had to clarify the following was a joke, "Oh, nice! If anyone misses out on these, I'm planning on buying them all out at a few of my local stores and will be selling them for $20. Just PM me your order."