These July 2021 Aldi Finds Will Revolutionize Your Summer Vacation

There is no doubt people love Aldi. The grocery store chain known for its low costs and innovative options, like its recent foray into dessert hummus, has a special place in the hearts of foodies and grocery shoppers everywhere. Even food as basic as butter and commonplace as chocolate and chipwiches are lauded by staff and shoppers as top-notch can't-be-missed purchases.

So far, Aldi's July 2021 release of goodies included delicious and intriguing options like Birthday Cake crispy rice treats, sparkling green tea, cheesy garlic bread potato chips, and frozen boozy pops. It's safe to say that when Aldi announces the release of another list of 2021 July aisle additions, it's definitely something to get excited about. Now, the grocery chain is releasing everything you need for a memorable, easy summer vacation, whether you're camping, swimming, or at the beach. Here's what shoppers have to look forward to in Aldi aisles starting this summer. 

Adventuridge 42 Can Rolling Cooler

Hot girl summer just got cooler... or a cooler, at least. When you're trying to see and be seen by everyone, the right equipment is essential, which makes this cooler even more critical. You'll be the most popular person at the park when you come rolling in with some cool bevs in this cooler. It's available starting July 7 and only costs $29.99. Plus it comes in three colors: black, blue and grey.

Heart to Tail Pet Cooling Mat

Having trouble keeping cool in the abominable humidity that is this heat wave? Everyone can relate, and if that's the case, so can your pets! This cooling mat will keep your furry friends feeling frisky and upbeat, but no one would judge if you decided to take a nap on one of these bad boys too, although it may not fit you as well as it fits them. It comes out on July 7 and costs $9.99, coming in either blue or grey.

Summer Waves Popsicle or Fruit Slice Pool Float

If you thought the pet cooling mat would help things stay cool, wait until you get a look at this Summer Waves Popsicle or Fruit Slice Pool Float. While it may not be as tasty as Aldi's usual snacks, it does the trick when trying to get some sun while also floating in the middle of some cool, cool waters. Take it in the pool or up to the lazy river for a relaxing summer afternoon float. This fun floatie comes out on July 14, and they're all only $9.99 (with the choice between orange slice, lime slice, watermelon pop, and rainbow pop).

Crane Air Lounger

Air loungers are perfect for park or beach visits when you want all the comfort of a couch in the great outdoors. Slip into this gray, floral, or blue lounger anytime after July 14. You can snag it for only $19.99 and be comfy all summer long!

Heart to Tail Pet Floatation Aid

If you're one of those unlucky pet owners whose pets don't like to swim, or you're just paranoid about your pet who loves to swim but isn't great at it, this Heart to Tail Pet Floatation Aid is definitely a good buy. And with Halloween so far off, it also doubles as an adorable photo opp for your little pupper! They can be your own little "shark, dinosaur, [or] mermaid" starting July 21 for $14.99.

Aloe Vera Plant

For those who truly burn steaming hot during the summer or are spending a little too much time on their Summer Waves Popsicle or Fruit Slice Pool Float, aloe can definitely help. According to Medical News Today, aloe's benefits include "antioxidant and antibacterial properties," the ability to quickly heal wounds and reduce dental plaque, reduce constipation and blood sugar, and even improve skin (beyond just curing burns). Pick your pot, gray or beige for only $3.99 from July 28 on.

Beach Bag with Swim Pouch

Trips to the beach are mandatory now that summer is in full swing. The Beach Bag with Swim Pouch comes out on July 28 for $14.99. You can opt for "tie dye, sea you soon, coral, [or] beach fun". 

Crane Reusable Snack or Sandwich Bag

Crane is really in the game this year at Aldi. Possibly one of the only food-related items, save the pool float, this sandwich bag has all the makings of a soon-to-be kitchen staple. It's reusable, fitting in with the current recycling trend, (which is trying to halt this crazy heat associated with global warming). Plus, it's cute and convenient. The bag options come in three packs of sharks, sports, rainbows, mermaids and two packs of galaxy unicorns narwhals, fairy tales, dino robots, and aliens. They're $4.99 each and come out on July 28.

Crofton Reusable Straw Assortment

Speaking of reusable, if you've ever tried using paper straws to save the planet, you're going to be glad for these as an option instead. Biodegradable can be useful and are definitely a better alternative to plastic, but these reusable straws won't break apart in your drink, especially for thick drinks like smoothies. On or after July 28, you can snag these in either silicone or stainless steel for $4.99. Your taste buds and drink will thank you!