36% Think This Is The Worst Burger King Breakfast Item

Many fast food chains have really seen their breakfast menus take a hit, thanks to the pandemic, and some may be slipping in the ranks thanks to stiff competition. Even McDonald's has adjusted its breakfast in response to the rising popularity of Chick-fil-A (via CNBC).

But some fast food chains are falling behind more than others breakfast-wise. Depending on who you ask, Burger King is one of them. In a Thrillist ranking of the 14 best fast food restaurants for breakfast out there, Burger King just made the list at number 11. In Thrillist's opinion, while much of BK's breakfast menu "is a bit of a mess," one the Croissan'Wich "is still a solid" option, and the brand's French Toast Sticks "remain a crowdpleaser." 

But would our readers' opinions line up with Thrillist's take on Burger King's breakfast menu? When Mashed polled 603 people in the United States about what they deem the worst breakfast item at Burger King, only one option got very few votes. However, it definitely wasn't the Croissan'Wich. And one pick stood out with the bulk of the votes.

This is the worst breakfast item at BK, according to Mashed survey respondents

The Burger King breakfast item only item that was the least disliked by those who answered the Mashed poll was hash browns with just 5.47% of the vote which is just 33 people voting for them. Apart from that, many of the other options provided divided people.

The Breakfast Bacon King was the least disliked of the middle of the pack with 12.27% of the vote, amounting to 74 people. Next up was the pancake platter with 14.59% of the vote. That's just 88 votes. Two items came really close to tying. BK's French Toast Sticks received 15.75% of the vote while the Ham, Egg, and Cheese Croissan'Wich got 15.92% of the vote. That's just a one-vote difference (95 versus 96). So about 1-in-6 respondents might not agree with Thrillist's position that the Croissan'Wich is a "solid option" or that the French Toast Sticks are a "crowdpleaser."

It seems that more than a third of readers might agree with Thrillist on the item it highlighted as being "a bit of a mess": the Egg-Normous Burrito. Ultimately, the Egg-Normous Burrito at Burger King was chosen as the worst menu item offered for breakfast. It received a whopping 35.99% of the vote, which works out to 217 people. If we had to guess based on this survey, quite a few Mashed readers might plan on staying away from that burrito.