Gail Simmons Sweet S'mores Upgrade Has Instagram Freaking Out

There's no denying that Gail Simmons knows her stuff when it comes to the culinary world. Though many fans likely recognize Simmons from her role as a judge on "Top Chef" and its various iterations, she is also a cookbook author and food writer. So, when Simmons makes a food suggestion to her 232K Instagram followers, they listen up, and her latest — an upgrade for s'mores — is a total game changer. In fact, within just two days, the simple post racked up over 8,000 likes, including a like from actor Busy Philipps.

S'mores are a fairly simple snack, consisting of graham crackers, a slab of chocolate, and a toasted marshmallow sandwiched in between. How could one really upgrade this sweet treat? Well, Simmons isn't the type to stick to the graham cracker convention simply because it's the traditional cookie of choice for the s'mores exterior. Instead, she got creative, posting two different upgrades. In the first, she nestled a toasted marshmallow between two caramel truffle cookies from the brand Celebration, which are essentially crisp butter cookies topped with a layer of caramel and coated with smooth chocolate. For her second upgrade, she tossed a perfectly toasted marshmallow between two full Oreo cookies for a decadent delight. Yum!

How Gail Simmons' fans responded to the s'mores upgrade

Gail Simmons shared a few sweet snaps on Instagram, in which she can be seen enjoying her s'mores in a scenic outdoor setting with her adorable son appearing in two of the shots, asking her followers in the caption if they had any "cookie reccos" themselves to try out in the context of s'mores.

Her fans were freaking out about the innovative twist on the campfire classic and the simple post about the sweet treat received more than 200 comments. Some made their own suggestions, with one user suggesting she add a peanut butter cup into the equation rather than just chocolate, while others suggested items such as Biscoff cookies, chocolate-covered madeleines, Girl Scout cookies, chocolate digestives, Nutter Butters, and Milano cookies. It seems that just about any cookie could be used as the exterior to the gooey summer staple. After all, what isn't enhanced by a warm, toasted marshmallow, fresh off the campfire? 

Instagram user @mereditta summed up the entire discourse in the comments section perfectly, writing, "this is what dreams are made of." Indeed!