The Surprising Item One Customer Found In Their Crumbl Cookies Order

TikTok is starting to lose it. Our beloved snacks and sweet desserts that we hold dear to our hearts, are now being exposed for the strange items we're finding inside them. The recent uproar over one TikTok user's Ben & Jerry's ice cream having a strip of rubber in the middle had folks everywhere wondering what exactly is going on in these production facilities. And more importantly — are our favorite snack items still safe?

If you were hoping the Ben & Jerry's debacle was an isolated incident, we've got some bad news for you. Another TikTok video has surfaced, with one user calling out another company entirely for something strange found in food. The much-loved cookie delivery service, Crumbl Cookies, is the latest company to be scrutinized for what a consumer found in their order. Again, the question has to be asked — are these companies really taking care when preparing and packaging foods? Apparently, no quick-buy dessert is safe anymore.

What one customer found in their Crumbl Cookies order

TikTok user @hannabee_nana recently posted a video about a Crumbl Cookies order. Unsurprisingly, the arrangement of "fresh-baked" cookies in the background looks pretty tasty. But the one this user is holding doesn't have the same appeal. In the video, the user says they pulled apart their Crumbl Cookie and that something was "baked inside." The video then flashes to a point where the user has effectively pulled the item fully out of the cookie, asking Crumbl for an explanation. "Did I win something?" the user asks. 

The video, which has received almost 94,000 views and 1,550 comments so far, has users guessing that the strange item is a wrapper that was accidentally baked into one of the cookies. Eventually, the original poster commented that Crumbl had in fact reached out to apologize for the mishap. They even gifted the TikToker 12 free cookies (via TikTok). So, it looks like they did win something after all. As for Crumbl's own TikTok account, we haven't seen anything referencing the wrapper incident yet. Keeping our eyes — and cookie wrappers — peeled.