The Surprising Item This TikToker Found In Their Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

TikTok can be great, especially for the food community. People around the world can learn about different cultures, cooking methods, and ordering hacks. But TikTok is also a great means for keeping everyone humble.

There are definitely some viral TikTok trends out there that maybe didn't deserve so much hype, leaving us scratching our heads and thinking "What did I just watch?". Others are reminders that no food is ever perfect, whether coming from a solo amateur chef in their kitchen or being mass-produced for fans everywhere.

Case in point: Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Now, don't get us wrong, we love B&J's — a pint of sweet and creamy goodness for any occasion is always just around the corner at your local grocery store or gas station. But one recent TikToker got quite the surprise when taking a spoonful of the beloved ice cream — and the TikTok community took it and ran (via TikTok). Far.

An unexpected Ben & Jerry's mix-in

TikTok user @alondritanegron posted a video of their Ben & Jerry's pint (which we're thinking is New York Super Fudge Chunk, but let us know your thoughts) that has a mysterious black piece of something sticking out of the middle (via TikTok). The video has the popular audio track of Cardi B saying "What is that?" which we feel is pretty on point for this user and everyone watching, because truly, it's confusing.

The user posted another video captioned "It's sooo disgusting!!!" as they pulled out the mysterious object from the middle of the ice cream pint. On the video, some users questioned if it was part of a vanilla bean, but one commenter wrote, "I'm guessing it's probably a rubber O ring of some sort from the machines," and the original poster confirmed the piece was, in fact, a rubber band.

In yet another video, viewers can clearly see a long black string-like object atop the untouched ice cream. This is supposedly the same rubber band, though the ice cream looks a little different from the poster's other two videos (via TikTok). That has the TikTok community (and us) wondering: Ben & Jerry's, are y'all okay in the ice cream factory? Asking for ... a lot of friends. The active ice cream company's Twitter account has yet to produce any kind of apology or explanation, but we'll wait patiently until it does.