Hot Ones Host Sean Evans Has A Surprisingly Tame Diet Off-Set

If you haven't yet tuned into "Hot Ones," a show by First We Feast where celebrities are interviewed while eating chicken wings with increasingly spicy sauces, you absolutely ought to give it a try. Described as "the show with hot questions and even hotter wings" (via the First We Feast YouTube channel) it's a refreshing twist on the classic interview show format. Not only are the questions asked by host Sean Evans different than your typical interview questions, but the guests themselves are battling the heat as they eat. 

They start with the mildest wing sauce and slowly work their way up to an incredibly spicy variety by the end, and not all of the celebrities make it all the way. Guests are given a glass of water, though it doesn't help a whole lot. Sean Evans tackles the lineup of hot sauces on each episode, which makes us wonder a little bit about what sort of things he might eat outside of filming. It turns out, he's actually got a pretty mild diet when he isn't scarfing down scorching-hot wings.

Sean Evans' normal diet is, well, normal

As the host of the show since 2015, Sean Evans has eaten his fill of spicy food. He's consumed two Carolina Reapers, eaten more hot wings than we care to count, and is well-versed in what happens when people eat hot foods, so he says he's not really surprised or afraid of trying new spicy dishes (via People). He told People he tries to take care of himself outside of the show and eats "a lot of salads, a lot of juice [and] a lot of cereal when I'm not doing it." 

It makes sense. If we had to regularly eat insanely spicy food for work we would probably follow his advice, which is to "keep the TUMS handy and try to avoid the super spicy stuff." After seven years of asking challenging questions while calming downing some seriously spicy sauce, we can see why Sean Evans isn't actively seeking out heat outside of work hours.