Why Duff Goldman Would Never Swap Teams On Buddy Vs. Duff

Duff Goldman sure knows how to entertain his fans. One of his most popular shows, "Ace of Cakes" was on air until 2011. For Goldman, it was one of the most authentic projects that he's ever been a part of. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview that everything was alien to him and his team members at that point. This made for incredible entertainment. Goldman said, "People got to watch us figure out how to run a business, how to decorate a cake, how to deliver a cake, how to make a TV show." What a treat (in more ways than one)!

Another show from Goldman is "Buddy vs. Duff," in which he competes with another popular chef, Buddy Valastro. The two stalwarts showcase their baking skills while trying to top each other in creating incredible desserts from scratch.

Goldman told Delish that the show is bound to be fun for those who enjoyed "Ace of Cakes" and "Cake Boss." He said, "You're not just seeing a competition, you're also seeing the process of how two very skilled but very different people do something. How we approach things differently, how we execute differently, how we work differently."

Goldman sees his team as 'classy'

Goldman is as upbeat as ever when it comes to his TV shows. A fan recently mentioned on Twitter that they'd like to watch Goldman switch teams for a bit on "Buddy vs. Duff." They wrote, "What I'd really like to see is @duffgoldman and @CakeBossBuddy compete but swap teams for a challenge."  Well, Goldman isn't a fan of the idea. 

He took to Twitter himself to respond that he loves being a part of his supportive team. He reckons they're "classy" and "positive." Attention to detail is a huge priority for them. Goldman added, "We don't talk smack, we don't whine, we just make awesome cakes. I don't think I'd be a very good fit for those other guys." Uh-huh! The competitive spirit be strong, yes? A fan agreed with Goldman and said that this is why they root for him. Another viewer noted, "Whoo ... shots across the bow! Love #TeamDuff."