20 Popular Faygo Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

There are so many different soda brands out there, but perhaps one of the most iconic brands is Faygo. One thing's for sure: This brand stocks a ton of different flavors — perhaps more than any other soda brand out there. And since there are so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best one. After all, unless you're a massive fan of the Insane Clown Posse, you may not have tried many of the flavors.

But don't worry because here at Mashed, we've got you covered when it comes to taste-testing your favorite products. That's why we've gone ahead and composed a ranking of some of the most popular Faygo flavors on the market. Some fared very well, making it to the end of the list, where we ranked our favorites. Others weren't so lucky and appear at the top of the list of flavors you should probably just avoid altogether.

Of course, your individual favorite flavor is going to depend on your taste and what you like in a drink. Some Faygo options are sweeter, more complex, or more carbonated than the others, so make sure to read the descriptions to get a good idea of why each flavor ranked where it did.

Ready to get started? Here are popular Faygo flavors, ranked from worst to best.

20. Cotton Candy

Though the Juggalos of Thrillist may have given the cotton candy Faygo a nine out of 10, we just can't agree with them. Apparently, this is the flavor of choice for Juggalettes, the female counterpart of Juggalos. One of the raters described it as "the Four Loko of Faygo." If that's not enough to stop you in your tracks right there, we don't know what is (Four Loko is the infamous drink of choice for inexperienced college students.)

If you're wondering if this flavor actually tastes like cotton candy, well, it does. We know that most soda is sweet, but this stuff is really out-of-this-world sweet. If you don't have a serious sweet tooth, you're likely going to wince when this stuff goes down. Many won't want more than a sip or two before they want to throw the entire bottle away completely.

Our take? Cotton candy doesn't taste good, but if that's the flavor you're craving, just go ahead and find some to eat instead. Don't subject yourself to this horror show of a Faygo flavor.

19. Peach

Have you ever seen a peach soda before? If you haven't, it's time to try Faygo's peach flavor — or not. Why should you avoid it? Well, it just tastes bad, plain and simple. As you can imagine, the peach flavor here doesn't taste entirely natural. Rather, you'll get an artificial-tasting peach flavor that just about anyone would have a hard time getting down.

One reviewer from Thrillist summed it up for us: "I hate this, it sucks. It tastes like s***. It's bitter, it's sweet, it's sour, what the f*** is going on? It's like, you ever get soap in your eyes? And then that soap in your eyes gets in your mouth? That's what it tastes like." They also claimed that "there are just some things you can't soda," and it seems like peach is one of them. Our advice? Leave the peach Faygo on the shelf the next time you're in the soda aisle.

18. Candy Apple

Now, we know that this one is going to be controversial. Some will love that Faygo offers a candy apple-flavored soda. After all, when was the last time you saw another brand carry this flavor? But we're here to deliver the unfortunate news that it's just not that good. As you can probably expect, it's shockingly sweet — it's not just apple, it's candy apple, after all. And it has a distinctly artificial flavor, so you shouldn't be expecting this stuff to actually taste like a real apple (or even a real candy apple).

And to make matters even worse, the bright, toxic-looking color of this soda doesn't make things any more appealing. It's a bright red that immediately sets off alarm bells in your head — probably because your brain can tell that you're about to feed your body with a ton of sugar and food coloring.

By all means, if you are one of those Faygo fans who can't get enough of the candy apple flavor, enjoy it to your heart's content. We're not judging you. But as for us? We're not going to be picking up a liter of this anytime soon.

17. Vanilla Creme Soda

While most soda is sweet, many varieties tend not to taste that way. A cola, for example, is packed with sugar, but it doesn't necessarily feel like something you would drink specifically for dessert. But if that's exactly what you're looking for out of a soda, then you may be interested in trying Faygo's vanilla creme soda. It definitely has a dessert-like feel to it — so much so that you may just forget about the scoop of ice cream you were going to eat with it. The vanilla flavor is really strong here, while the creme soda aspect takes a backseat.

People who love Vanilla Coke are probably really going to enjoy this vanilla creme soda. However, we think that Faygo really did too much by adding all that vanilla into the mix. It's a bit overwhelming, and we don't want to replace our dessert with a soft drink. If you're on the same page as us, we suggest that you choose something else entirely.

16. Moon Mist

Wondering what the Moon Mist Faygo is all about? It's basically Faygo's answer to drinks like Mountain Dew. If you've ever had a Mountain Dew before, you know it's kind of a take-it-or-leave it drink. Some people love it so much that they want to drink one a day. For the rest of us, the shockingly bright color and the overly citrus-y taste is kind of a turn-off. Unfortunately, that's how we feel about Moon Mist Faygo as well. The flavor just isn't that good, and the food coloring that gives it that shocking, nuclear-looking green color is just way too over the top.

In fact, one reviewer went so far as to say that Faygo copied Mountain Dew and other similar brands: "This drink tastes so much like Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mello Yello ... the whole cohort of citrusy drinks that you associate with summer, beach, and sand, that we are this close to saying that it might be a rip-off." We're not going to jump to any conclusions here, but you may just want to stick to the familiar stuff if you're in the mood for a soda that has a citrus twist to it.

15. Black Cherry

Is the black cherry Faygo our favorite of them all? No, not exactly. But we have to give it to Faygo for creating what we consider to be a pretty creative flavor. This is similar to Faygo's classic red cherry flavor, but it has a richness to it that the other cherry sodas just can't touch. It's definitely interesting, but that doesn't mean it's exactly tasty. In fact, according to Spoon University, "This flavor gave off cough syrup vibes, allegedly tasting 'identical to Robitussin.'"

Ouch. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. While we don't think it tastes identical to Robitussin, it definitely has a medicinal quality to it that makes it less appealing. That being said, we think that this would be an excellent soda to use in a mixed drink or a fizzy cocktail. But would you catch us drinking this stuff on its own? Probably not.

While the black cherry flavor isn't particularly good, we do appreciate Faygo's dedication to creating as many flavors as possible just so we have the option to try something new and different like this.

14. Fruit Punch

How many times have you had fruit punch in your life? If you're like many of us, you've probably had it countless times. It may have mostly been when you were a child in the form of birthday party refreshments and lunch box drinks, but don't try to claim that your college-era jungle juices didn't have some Hawaiian Punch in them. We don't think that fruit punch was ever anyone's go-to drink, but maybe that's because it was all sad and flat. Enter Faygo's fruit punch, and you're faced with something very, very different.

Fruit punch Faygo tastes really, really similar to Hawaiian Punch. The main difference, of course, is that the Fayo variety is carbonated. While the carbonation doesn't do too much to improve the taste, we have to admit that it's a lot more refreshing than the flat stuff. The aggressive red food coloring is still there, of course, but those bubbles can seriously brighten up your day if you let them.

You may not be stocking fruit punch Faygo in your fridge on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring this stuff to the next child's birthday party you attend. It may just be a hit compared to the alternative.

13. Diet Cola

We know, we know. You want a soda, but you're trying to watch the amount of calories you consume in a day. We probably aren't the first ones to tell you that diet sodas generally aren't much better for your health than the regular stuff, but sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants. And instead of reaching for a Diet Coke, it may seem like a better idea to try Faygo's diet cola. It's pretty much the same thing, right?

Unfortunately, it's not. Real Coke fans would never opt for a Faygo diet cola over their beloved signature drink, so if you fit into that category, you can stop reading this section now and grab a can of the stuff you know and love. But if you're open to trying new cola flavors, then the Faygo version may not be too bad.

This diet cola seems to be a bit more watery than Diet Coke — you're not really going to get much flavor there. The only real flavor you'll experience is the sweetness, which is probably sweeter than you really want. However, if you're not the type to notice the difference between colas, then you're probably not going to have a hard time taking a swig of this stuff. It may not be the best on the market, but it's not exactly a dud either.

12. Cherry Cola

We already told you our feelings about the black cherry Faygo, but what about the brand's cherry cola? While it's definitely not going to come in at the top of our ranking, we still think it's surprisingly good. Unlike most other soda flavors we've tried (from this brand and others), this one actually tastes slightly like cherry — not just an artificial version of the fruit. Some of that cherry is definitely covered up by an excessive sweetness, but the base flavor is still tasty.

If you're wondering whether Faygos's cherry cola tastes similar to Cherry Coke ... not really. Cherry Coke has a distinctive flavor that's hard to match, and Faygo certainly missed the mark if that's what they were trying to imitate. We think that Cherry Coke tastes more iconic, but the cola flavor is stronger and better than the stuff you'll find in Faygo's version. However, those that find Cherry Coke to be too bland or lacking in flavor may prefer this brand more.

Fans of cherry cola should definitely give this one a try if they want something that's a bit different and out of the ordinary.

11. Pineapple Orange

You've seen orange soda before, and you've likely seen the pineapple stuff too. But did you know those flavors could come together to create a combo flavor that you've likely never tried before? That's right — Faygo has pineapple orange soda, and it's seriously out of this world. The dominant flavor is definitely the orange, and for that, we're grateful. The pineapple flavor is there too, but it tastes slightly more artificial. However, it does add a nice, different touch to this soft drink that you wouldn't find in your plain old, average orange soda.

While this is an interesting and innovative flavor, we just have one issue with it: the sweetness. This likely comes from the pineapple flavor — pineapple is an especially sweet fruit, and the soda is even sweeter. Just a touch of sweetness would be nice, but this amount of sugar definitely feels like overkill.

The little ones are almost guaranteed to love this sweet, tasty, and especially colorful drink. But when it comes to the adults, we doubt this is going to be a widespread hit. It just doesn't taste that good after a few swigs. It never hurts to take a few sips, though.

10. Raspberry Blueberry

When you first see a bottle of the raspberry blueberry Faygo, changes are, it's going to turn your stomach. It's an extremely vibrant blue color, and that's something you just don't see in a soda very often. As much as you may be used to seeing bright green, orange, or even yellow sodas on the market, there's just something that's a bit unsettling about the bright blue color of the raspberry blueberry Fayo. In fact, we're sorry to say that it looks more like a cleaning agent than something you would actually want to ingest.

However, looks aside, this soda is actually exceptionally tasty. If you're the kind of person who's always seeking out berry-flavored drinks, we think that this one is going to be a huge hit for you. We love that you can actually taste both the raspberry and the blueberry flavors separately, even though they taste less than natural.

It's not a complex flavor, though, and just about anyone who drinks it is likely to love it. While you probably don't want to serve it at a nice dinner (due to its color and well, just the fact that it's a soda), we wouldn't mind taking a sip of this stuff every once in a while.

9. Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is one of those drinks that some people love and some people just can't be bothered with. It's ideal when you're sick, yes, but it doesn't hurt to take a swig even when you're feeling your best. Amazing ginger ales will have a strong, noticeable ginger flavor that's even kind of spicy with just a hint of sweetness to them. Are you going to get that when you try this ginger ale from Faygo? Not exactly. It has a lot less heat than we would prefer, and you can't really taste the natural ginger flavor that much. However, when you're just comparing it to the other flavors in the Faygo lineup, it's pretty tasty.

For some reason, the ginger ale seems more carbonated than other sodas in the lineup, which gives it an extra bite that you're missing from the strong ginger flavor. And though it's really, really sweet, we almost don't mind it in this instance. There are better ginger ales out there, but we still think that Faygo's ginger ale deserves a slot that's higher than average in this ranking.

8. Dr. Faygo

As you can see, Faygo wasn't being all that sly here when coming up with the name for Dr. Faygo, which is clearly a spinoff of Dr. Pepper. Therefore, they can't be upset when we compare the two. If you taste both Dr. Faygo and Dr. Pepper side by side, we think that most people will choose Dr. Pepper as the winner. It has a spiciness to it that the Faygo version just can't match. However, if you weren't trying them side-by-side, we don't think you would really be able to tell what the difference was. And since this flavor of soda is just so delicious, we knew that Dr. Faygo deserved a slot in the top half of this ranking.

While Dr. Pepper has more spice than the Faygo stuff, Dr. Faygo still has plenty of bite to it. Does it taste a little bit like toothpaste? Maybe. But it tastes like toothpaste in the best way possible. Like some of the other options on this list, we think that Dr. Faygo would pair wonderfully with a variety of liquors as a mixer if you're so inclined to make a drink that will give you a two-day hangover. Our verdict? Certainly worth a try.

7. Arctic Sun

When you read "Arctic Sun" on a bottle of soda, chances are, you won't know what kind of flavor you're working with. You might expect something heavier, but what you'll actually get is a cherry and grapefruit-flavored soda. If you think that sounds tasty, then you're right. Arctic Sun Faygo is definitely one of the better flavors out there, and you have to give it a try. It has just the right amount of citrus kick to it that the cherry isn't overwhelmingly sweet or powerful.

But what you may not know about Arctic Sun is the fact that it was really popular back in the '90s, according to MLive. It was off of the soda scene for a while, but it made a reappearance in 2019, delighting Faygo fans everywhere. (Okay, mostly in Michigan, but you get the point.) It announced the comeback of the flavor via Facebook Live, where an "intern" says that they found the popular flavor in a vault with a ton of other iconic '90s paraphernalia, like GameBoys, EZ Bake Ovens, and Bagel Bites.

We hope it doesn't leave soda aisle shelves anytime soon!

6. Firework

If you follow the Faygo fan base, then chances are that you heard something interesting happening in the summer of 2021. Faygo was releasing a new flavor, and Faygo fans were excited. That flavor just happened to be Firework. It seems to be the perfect flavor for the summer: It features flavors of cherry, blue raspberry, and lime for a nice citrus finish. All those flavors come together to create a soda that's absolutely thirst-quenching. Sure, it's amazing at any time of the year, but when you take a big swig on the hottest day of the year, you're going to see why it's such a big hit.

And apparently, that's what everyone else thought too because in June 2021, MLive reported that the Firework flavor of Faygo was incredibly difficult to find — so much so that it was even causing a price-gouging war on eBay. Some sellers were setting prices from $10 to $50 per bottle.

Apparently, the company didn't anticipate quite as much demand as the product got, which caused the price to skyrocket. No worries, though — you should be able to get your Fireworks Faygo now without a problem. At least you know it's good, right?

5. Grape

Let's just be honest: There's a lot of really gross grape-flavored sodas out there. Of course, they all start out with that weird dark purple color that nobody really finds appetizing. Then there's the artificial grape flavor. (Have you ever tasted real grape flavoring in a grape soda? We didn't think so.) Then, the carbonation is usually an afterthought. Sound familiar?

That's not exactly what's happening with the grape Faygo, though. Yes, you may have that strange color, but the artificial grape flavoring in this drink is actually quite good. It may not taste like the real thing, but that's okay when the imitation tastes this fresh. But what really makes Faygo's grape soda stand apart from the rest is the fact that it seems quite carbonated. That makes the drink so much more refreshing.

One reviewer put it this way: "​​If you've had Fanta Grape before, this is pretty similar. It has the same candy grape taste, but is not quite as sweet ... It's sweet, but not too sweet, and the grape flavor is clear." Sounds simple enough, but once you give this soda a taste for yourself, you're going to understand why it landed so high in our ranking.

4. Ohana Raspberry Lemonade

Who doesn't like lemonade? It's one of those summer flavors that never seems to get old. And when you add another flavor, like raspberry, to the mix, it takes your plain lemonade and makes it even better. What more could you ask for, right? That's just what Faygo delivered with their Ohana raspberry lemonade. This soda takes one of your all-time favorite drinks and turns it into a drink that you can sip on all summer long (and beyond). Even the label screams "summer."

One thing you might not realize about this "soda," though, is the fact that it's actually not carbonated: That's right, Faygo carries a line of drinks that are non-carbonated. While we think that this would have been really interesting as a carbonated beverage, it's very refreshing without the bubbles as well — plus, it helps you avoid the bloat that's unavoidable when you start sipping on a soda.

If you're looking for something light that you can share with just about anyone, the Ohana raspberry lemonade is just what you're looking for.

3. Pineapple Watermelon

Faygo is known for coming up with some pretty unique flavors, but we've got to hand it to them with this one: The pineapple watermelon flavor is truly a novel idea. Where else have you seen a watermelon-flavored soda before? We've never witnessed it, which is why we were so excited to see pineapple watermelon Faygo gracing store shelves in the soda aisle. The flavor is definitely more watermelon than pineapple, though both of those flavors are rather sweet and artificial-tasting. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing in this case: It tastes really good.

The Juggalos of Thrillist awarded this drink a rating of 9.3 out of 10, so it's obvious that it's a real winner. One of the reviewers said, "It smells nice. It smells like floor cleaner," while another responded, "Not floor cleaner, how does floor cleaner smell nice? It smells like Jolly Ranchers."

Whether it smells like floor cleaner or Jolly Ranchers, we don't really care, as long as we get to take another sip.

2. Orange

There are a lot of fantastic orange sodas out there, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the orange Faygo is actually one of the best of the best. You may not expect a brand like Faygo to come out on top, but we have to admit that their orange soda is especially delicious, especially if you really like to taste the citrus in your drink. While this soda is certainly sweet (as you can expect all sodas to be), you're not going to lose the actual flavor of orange here. While it doesn't taste completely natural, it's not too artificial, either — it seems to be perfectly balanced.

The Soda Jerks had this to say about the drink: "A quick punch of carbonation and the rest is a sweet burst of orange that identifies more with candy than fruit. This sweet, somewhat syrupy beverage has already taken a somewhat permanent residence in my mouth."

Does it taste like orange juice? Definitely not. But that's not what you're looking for in a soda, anyway. This sweet orange drink should be a staple in every Juggalo household.

1. Ohana Lemonade and Iced Tea

You've heard of an Arnold Palmer, right? This iconic drink is half lemonade, half iced tea. The two flavors come together to create a refreshing drink that's unlike any other: basically, what everyone wants to be drinking when the temperature rises above a certain point. It's the ultimate summer drink, and we love sipping on it once the weather warms up. And luckily, Faygo wanted to get in on the game with their own drink.

It's the Ohana lemonade and iced tea Faygo, and it's seriously out of this world. It's basically the most refreshing drink you can enjoy in the summertime (behind water, that is). It features the bitterness from the tea, the acidity from the lemonade, and just enough sweetness to keep the flavor profile balanced and interesting. Kids and adults alike are going to go wild over this flavor, and we don't blame them.

When you're looking for a summertime treat that's bound to impress, you can't go wrong with Ohana lemonade and iced tea Faygo.