Bubly Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

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It's no secret that sparkling water has become super popular as of late. Whether you drink it as an alternative to sugary sodas, a contrast to plain water in your quest to stay hydrated, or just a way to quench your thirst on a hot day, sparkling water has seemingly taken over the beverage aisle at your local grocery store. From LaCroix, to Perrier, to Spindrift, to any number of other brand names, they're everywhere. And to say that there are definitely a few differences in sparkling water brands would be an understatement. To that end, people who are fans of sparkling water tend to have a favorite brand to which they stay loyal for quite a long time.

For some people, that favorite brand is Bubly. It's easy to guess why, as Bubly tends to be cheaper than other big-name brands like La Croix. But a careful taste test of all the Bubly flavors available to most people shows that some really stand out, while others could use a lot of work. So, which one should you buy the next time you've got a sparkling water craving? Here are Bubly flavors ranked worst to best.

15. Cherry

To put things as plainly as possible, the absolute worst flavor of Bubly you can get is without a doubt the Cherry variety. While cherry might seem like a true classic — it's in candies, pastries, and plenty of other drinks, not to mention the produce aisle — it's honestly not all that great when Bubly's at the helm. If you're imagining a cherry flavor that's sweet and a little tart, this is definitely not that. On the contrary, the Cherry Bubly is almost sickly sweet, with an artificial flavor that doesn't really recall the actual fruit in any way. Ultimately, few brave souls really want to drink it up by the can.

One review likened the taste to children's medicine. "This smells, and tastes, straight up like children's liquid Benadryl. So unbelievably gross," they wrote. And they weren't alone, as other commenters complained that the cherry flavor tastes like cloying, artificial cough syrup. All told, this flavor might be impossible to drink for even the bravest of people, so it's probably ideal to leave it on the shelf.

14. Apple

As summer turns into fall, people are going to start craving different kinds of flavors. And while a pumpkin spice sparkling water hasn't come out (not yet, anyway), Bubly's Apple sparkling water is certainly potentially appealing to fans of fall flavors. Unfortunately, this flavor is actually one of Bubly's worst — and that's really saying something, considering the fact that it's pretty hard to mess up sparkling water.

Now, as refreshing as apple-flavored sparkling water might sound, Bubly doesn't quite pull it off. In fact, some reviews of the drink were pretty critical. "Not my favorite flavor, but you might like it. REALLY tastes like you're biting into an apple," one person wrote. Others complained of artificial tastes in the mix, though Bubly claims to make its drinks with the admittedly mysteriously defined "all-natural flavors." What does that mean here? If you're a huge fan of apple flavoring, then the apple Bubly might be for you. But for the most part, this flavor will just let you down.

13. Plain

As refreshing as most flavors of sparkling water are, sometimes you need a straightforward break from all the different flavors. But getting one that's just plain can go one of two ways. Either it's seriously tasty, zesty, and has the perfect amount of carbonation to satisfy your palate, or it just falls flat. And the Just Bubly flavor of sparkling water definitely lands in the latter of the two categories. Now, of course, you could still add your own flavor to it like a slice of fresh lime or something similar, but then why not just get, say, the Lime Bubly? Judged simply on its own merits, the plain flavor from Bubly is a letdown.

Basically, it's just water that's sparkling. No flavor. Nothing special about it. It's not bad, to be sure, but it's also not that great. It's, you know, water. Additionally, compared to other plain sparkling waters from brands like LaCroix or Topo Chico, it's somehow more boring, perhaps lacking some of the mineral flavors of other brands. Basically, the bar is pretty low for unflavored sparkling water, but the Bubly version is still disappointing despite the lowered expectations.

12. Peach

When you think of summertime, there are probably a few particular fruits that you start to envision as part of a perfect picnic feast. These might include watermelon, berries, maybe a few slices of perfectly fresh pineapple, and definitely some peaches. For many people, peaches just scream summer, making them an essential flavor for the season. But really, no matter when you crave peach, we must report that the Bubly Peach sparkling water isn't going to satisfy that craving.

Instead, you'll probably regret ever trying it. As one person wrote of the drink, it was almost the worst thing they've ever tasted. "I've tried many brands and flavors of sparkling water, and this may be the most vile I've ever encountered [...] The aftertaste of this beverage has a perfume-like quality that is artificial and makes it difficult to drink." Again, that's supremely odd, given that Bubly claims to use only natural flavors in its drinks, but many still claim that there's something truly offputting about the peach flavor here.

11. Lemon

When you think of the most satisfying carbonated drink out there, you might think of something with a light and refreshing citrus kick to it. Shouldn't lemon do the trick, then? And while that might be the case for other brands, the Bubly Lemon sparkling water just isn't that great. And even if you're a big fan of lemon-flavored things, this particular drink probably isn't going to satisfy that craving, at all, given that it also seems to be plagued by issues with the vaguely defined "natural flavors" that have been added to the finished drink.

In one review of the Lemon Bubly flavor, a customer explained that "The lemon flavor tastes overtly synthetic. I was looking for more of a natural refreshing citrus flavor profile." Another added that the drink definitely wasn't for everyone. "My husband likes this, however, I think it tastes like Pledge." Yikes! You don't exactly want to be thinking of cleaning products while drinking sparkling water. 

10. Watermelon

We'll admit that watermelon, with its sometimes subtle natural flavor, can be hard to get right. And while it may avoid the pitfalls of artificially-flavored and rather unnatural watermelon candy, alas, the Watermelon Bubly is pretty mediocre. For some, it's even downright odd.

One review of the Watermelon Bubly made it clear that the drink wasn't what the customer was expecting. "[I]t's too bitter for my liking and I love watermelon so I was disappointed." When you think of something watermelon flavored, you probably imagine something that's pretty sweet. But here, the watermelon flavor just isn't strong or sweet enough to really make an impact. Now, in all fairness, Watermelon Bubly isn't terrible. But it's also not the cream of the crop when it comes to Bubly's sparkling water flavors. So, don't waste your time. We're guessing that even the biggest watermelon lovers likely won't be huge fans of this Bubly flavor.

9. Cranberry

While no one really goes out and eats raw cranberries unless they're really living on the culinary edge, the fruit is still a pretty popular flavor, especially around the holiday season. There's cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, and then cranberry-flavored drinks that often come around during the holidays. Cranberry can definitely be tasty in a drink, but the Cranberry Bubly isn't quite up to par with its full-flavored cousins. The drink is a little refreshing, sure, but the flavor is way off.

While it's far from the brand's worst flavor, it's not the kind of cranberry flavoring you expect and can let you down with, once again, a flavor that's somehow more artificial in nature than what's advertised on the can itself. On a bad day, you might even think that the cranberry variety of Bubly is more akin to medicine than a refreshing drink. If you really want cranberry sparkling water, we suggest trying a different brand first.

8. Raspberry

There's no denying the fact that raspberries are one of the most popular fruits out there. When served up the right way, these little berries are deliciously sweet, a tiny bit tangy, and generally super healthy (raspberry candy excepted). So, what more could anyone want than raspberry-flavored sparkling water? Well, maybe not the Bubly Raspberry flavor.

A review of the Raspberry Bubly noted that the flavor was a little bit of a letdown. "The bright buoyant raspberry dissolves, almost immediately, into thin, reedy acidity, leaving you with chalky, Flintstone vitamin vibes, as you wonder what happened to the berry you were so excited about," the reviewer stated. There's really nothing worse than a drink that just tastes artificial, and like so many of its flavor siblings in the Bubly line, the Raspberry Bubly is exactly that. If you're really into raspberry, you may still want to give it a try. Just keep your expectations low — and maybe don't buy a whole case of the stuff right away.

7. Blackberry

You might not think that berry-flavored sparkling water would be very memorable. Quite frankly, you'd be right. The Blackberry Bubly flavor is smack-dab in the middle of the brand's offerings, at least when it comes to taste. The drink isn't exactly the kind of thing you probably crave. Then again, if it's all you have in the fridge, you don't need to turn it down, either.

As the reviews of the drink make clear, the Blackberry Bubly flavor is fine. "Not my most favorite flavor of Bubly, but gets the job done when I need my fix," one reviewer wrote. The Blackberry Bubly isn't as flavorful or refreshing as other offerings from Bubly, but the actual flavor of the blackberries in the drink is decent enough and doesn't seem to be plagued by the odd tastes of other flavors. This beverage might just be the definition of middle ground, so it won't hurt you to try it, even if it won't knock your socks off.

6. Strawberry

Strawberries are definitely one of the most popular fruits out there, and one of the most popular fruit flavors for good reason. Strawberries themselves are delicious, especially if you can snag some fresh off the plant at the height of their harvesting season. Moreover, you can reasonably argue that most strawberry-flavored treats and desserts are just as good as the actual fruit (though we won't go so far as compare fresh strawberries with the light pink Starburst). But when it comes to the Strawberry Bubly, it's not quite as yummy as you would want.

As one review of the Strawberry Bubly put it, "The fragrance is faint but when you take your first sip you can at least taste some strawberry goodness [...] It lacks that chemical and artificial taste you associate with strawberry-flavored food and beverage items." Strawberry Bubly is definitely delicious, but it lacks that certain crispness you want from sparkling water.

5. Orange

In terms of citrus-flavored sparkling waters, the Orange Bubly is actually pretty good, all things considered. If you're a fan of orange-flavored drinks, there's a good chance you'll really like this sparkling water. Though it's obviously not going to be overpoweringly sweet like a sugar-filled soda, this entry from Bubly is still crisp, flavorful, and super refreshing.

Reviews of Orange Bubly make it a point to note that the drink isn't exactly the peak of Bubly's work, though some people appreciated the less intense nature of this flavor. "Not my favorite flavor but I do like them!" one person wrote. "It's light and not too flavor-forward," another added. But still, some people weren't as impressed with the drink. "Taste like plain water with a hint of orange nothing compared to orange soda. Don't waste your money," a disappointed buyer said. So, it really depends on what you're looking for when you get an Orange Bubly. It might hit the spot, but it also might be a letdown if you want something with a bit more flavor and body.

4. Pineapple

When you really want something sweet but healthy, you can't beat pineapple, right? The fruit itself is so naturally sweet that it's almost like eating candy, though it's often balanced out by the acidic tang that gives perfectly fresh pineapple its edge. And that applies to the Pineapple Bubly, too, which packs in a surprising amount of flavor into the can.

Take this one review of the Pineapple Bubly, for instance: "This is my go-to soda substitute. It has a lot more flavor than most waters like LaCroix [...] I think the pineapple is the best flavor." And while most reviews of the Pineapple Bubly rave about the drink, we have to admit that not everyone loves it. "This pineapple Bubly [tastes] like sun tanning oil. It is terrible!" one reviewer wrote. So, consider your own palate before buying. If pineapple is not exactly your go-to flavor for drinks and other treats, you may want to tread carefully when it comes to this Bubly flavor. Everyone else will probably be more than satisfied, however.

3. Mango

Another super-sweet fruit that tends to taste great when turned into other treats surely must be mango. A perfectly ripe mango is delightful all on its own, but mango candy, desserts, and drinks are all great, too. For many, that also includes the Mango Bubly.

Reviews of the Mango Bubly are pretty positive for the most part. People really seem to love the flavor and rank it among their favorites that Bubly offers. "I've tried a dozen different flavors of bubbly sparkling water and mango is in my top 3 favorite flavors." one person wrote. 

That said, not everyone has found themselves quite so blissfully in love with Mango Bubly. "I'd purchased a variety pack of Bubly and thought Mango was the flavor we enjoyed, but I was wrong. It tasted metallic and had an aftertaste. It wasn't thirst quenching either," another reviewer added. Still, if you're reliably a mango fan, then chances are good that you'll like this light, balanced flavor of Bubly.

2. Grapefruit

One of the most beloved flavors of any sparkling water surely has to be grapefruit. Sparkling water connoisseurs know that grapefruit can be often considered the platonic ideal of crisp, refreshing sparkling water. It carries fruity notes, but also an ever-so-slightly bitter and acidic edge that makes things interesting. And so grapefruit is also, rather unsurprisingly, one of Bubly's best flavors. 

And people certainly love the Grapefruit Bubly, as well. Reviews praise the taste and the perfect levels of carbonation. "The bubly sparkling water grapefruit was very refreshing. The perfect pick me up when you need something more than just water," one review read. But that's not all! Another added that it had "Subtle grapefruit flavor(without an artificial taste)." If you love grapefruit-flavored anything and are a fan of the ever-popular and seemingly ubiquitous Pamplemousse LaCroix, then definitely give the Grapefruit Bubly a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

1. Lime

The absolute most delicious flavor of Bubly is, without a doubt, its Lime variety. Now, this might sound like too simple of a taste experience. Others might worry that a lime drink will be too tart. Well, set your fears aside. This is honestly the best of what Bubly has to offer.

The Lime Bubly is crisp, refreshing, tangy, and comes with just the right amount of subtle sweetness to balance things out. But don't just take our word for it. Reviews of Lime Bubly also rave about how perfect the drink is. "Literally the best bubly flavor and my favorite sparkling water," one person wrote. "This is our favorite sparkling water! It's so good and not too strongly carbonated like other brands. The lime flavor is smooth and subtle but perfect!" another added. 

All told, if you're looking for the ultimate Bubly flavor, then the Lime Bubly is for you. With its bright, light taste and perfectly bubbly texture, it's exactly what you want from sparkling water — nothing more and nothing less.