Here's How To Re-Solidify Soft Butter

Sometimes things can get a little out of hand when we're cooking. Making a meal can involve a lot of moving parts, like when you're trying to saute something on the stovetop while baking a casserole and also trying to prepare a salad (we've all been there, trust us). You might accidentally chop up too much of one ingredient, stir in a little too much of another, or create more sauce than you know what to do with. Storing or re-using these ingredients can be tough, since you don't want the food to go to waste but you're not quite sure what to do with it. 

Take butter, for example. Maybe you melted a little (or a lot) too much for a recipe and you're left with a bunch of melted butter. Or maybe you left it out for too long on a humid day and you want a firm stick for your next baking venture. Instead of tossing it, which is wasteful, especially if you use good butter, there's a trick for re-solidifying it so you can use it again for something else.

Ice, ice, baby

If you've ended up with way too much melted or softened butter, we recommend re-solidifying it so you don't have a bowl of butter sitting around. This is especially useful if you have a recipe that calls for both melted and firm butter. All you need to do, according to Greatist, is "place the butter in a small bowl, then nestle the small bowl in a larger one filled with a few handfuls of ice and some cold water." Give it a little time and voila, you're back in business with firm butter. 

This easy technique is perfect for over-softened butter that's sat out too long and is great way to keep your butter from becoming a total mess. No one wants to unexpectedly have to deep-clean their fridge just because they've placed overly soft butter in there (been there, it's the worst). Sure, this solution might seem a little obvious, but it works like a charm!